In life, you will often find yourself at an important crossroads. You have worked the same job for as long as you can remember but for some reason, you find that it just isn’t fulfilling anymore. This is a good sign that you are ready for a new role, a new challenge as it were.
However, the safety net of an average salary is too much to part with. Is it wise to up and leave this financial security behind? Let’s explore how you can successfully navigate into a new career and what you should look for in a new role.
Average Salary
Let’s be honest, the reason you have a job in the first place is that you need a salary. The average person in the UK will need to pay for rent, food, utilities, transport, and clothing, all before they think about their leisure costs.  While you don’t have to be on the average UK salary to be able to afford all of this, it is always nice to receive a salary increase. That is one thing that you should look to receive in a new job role.
The UK’s average salary is around £25,000 per annum. However, the average salary for each job title is different. You should do some research to find out what the average wage in the UK is for your role. You can learn what the UK average salary is per job when you visit Check-a-Salary and also see relevant salary reports from the UK and get salary insight on all jobs in every sector and industry in the UK. By shopping around, you can know whether your current wage is enough based on your skill, or whether you can earn more by negotiating for more money with another company. 
The Economy
Sometimes, how much you are worth as an employee isn’t always determined by your skill. A dip in the economy could affect the amount that a company is willing to pay you. In this instance, they can even pay less than the average wage for your job title. 
Salary negotiation is always a huge part of the hiring process; however, you may have less power as a new recruit. What’s more, a bad economy can give the company reason to offer a lower salary than the one you are currently on. It is always a good idea to take a look at how the UK economy is doing before you take your leave. You may find out that your current contract is preventing a decrease in your yearly salary.
Work Hours
A job role can contain several aspects. One of the main factors that detail the type of experience you will have at a company is the weekly hours. The average person in the UK will work forty hours a week. This is determined by the standard eight-hour workday spread out over five days.
Not every job can be done within the same time frame, however. Your boss may need you on hand for more the forty hours, or less. Only you will know how many hours a week you can physically give to your job. Other things like your family, lifestyle, and even another job can take up more of your time. 
After being in the same job for a long time, you have adapted your routine around the hours you have always worked. You need to find out whether you can afford a change, or if the new job can fit into your current lifestyle. If not, then you may have to make some compromises.
While it is true that a salary is the most important thing that a company can offer you as an employee, there are other benefits that they can give you on top to sweeten the deal. These benefits can include health packages, social events, holidays, and child care.
Some of these benefits will mean nothing to the average worker, but others will require some of these features to work at the company in the first place. Everyone will react to benefit packages differently, but when you line up equal salaries you may find that some benefits can make your life easier.
As a human, you are an individual both at work and in your daily life. Your values and belief system are paramount to defining who you are as a person. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same goals and ethics and that is fine. However, you should bear this in mind when looking at another company you may end up working for.
Performing a role that conflicts with your personal values is enough to drive anyone mad. You will find that some businesses prefer profit over being eco-friendly or neglect their employee’s mental health. If you are someone that values these factors, then perhaps a company like this isn’t one that you should switch to. You can find all sorts of information about a company’s values in the digital age. There are employee reviews to look through and social media feedback to analyse. 
Your work environment is going to affect your progress, so make sure that you find a good one.
As technology develops, it is easier for companies to widen their search for employees. Innovations like face-time and Skype has allowed leaders to work with people over large distances, which means they can truly find the best person for the job.
This far-reaching net can afford you the opportunity to expand your job search, but there are stipulations to consider. Some companies may be happy for you to work from home, but they may want you to touch base with regular office meetings. Make sure that you can actually attend these meetings before accepting a job. You don’t want to be forking out a significant portion of your salary on a weekly train journey.
The thought of working in the same place every day can be daunting unless you are regularly challenged. Our brains require a good workout. It gives us purpose and can provide us with something to look forward to. Your job is going to be difficult at first, but after several years, this challenge fades.
Most of us will make a lateral move when changing jobs. You have worked in the role before and therefore you should know what you are doing. This is a recipe for misery; however, as you are likely to become bored very quickly and lose all motivation. That doesn’t look good to the higher-ups. 
Instead of searching for a job that you know how to do, why not set your sights a little higher. Aim for a challenging role, like the next step in your careers progression. This move will give you a set of new problems to solve and reinvigorate the passion for work that you once had. 
Finding a job with good pay, healthy work hours and benefits is a good start, but all of these aspects will mean nothing if you aren’t happy. Find out what it is that you want in a job before you begin your search and you will find it a lot easier.
There is no escape from the work/life reality that we live in. Fortunately, landing the right job will mean that you do not require an escape. Take the advice in this article to plan out your next move, and see if you can’t find a new role that suits you


Sophie H.