Now and then, we find ourselves in a creative rut, where we find the things we usually enjoy to be unfulfilling, and we can’t seem to grow any further. It sometimes happens with our hobbies - we reach a dead-end or stay stuck on a plateau. Before you get bored and find nothing better to do, you should consider doing a new hobby. Staying productive by doing something entertaining, life-enhancing, and fulfilling is essential for your personal growth. Instead of aimlessly or unproductively spending your free time, do things that are worth your while.
Here, we will suggest some fun activities that can inspire your creativity and start a new hobby.

Mix Your Old Hobby with a New One

Do you want to start a new hobby but you can’t let go of your other inactive one? Don't worry. Getting a new hobby doesn’t have to mean you are going to discard your old one. Starting something can also mean doing something new and connecting it with our other hobbies. 
A good example is sketching as a new hobby. You may have been fond of making scrapbooks once but you no longer seem to find inspiration to make creative designs. Sketching gives you relative freedom when it comes to the things you want to draw, and you can bring that creative freedom to jumpstart your scrapbooking hobby. 
You may not be aware of it yet, but you can mix sketching and scrapbooking by sketching on your scrapbook to create imaginative and quirky layouts. To get your inspiration and creativity rolling again, you can click here for a book full of scrapbook layout sketches that you can draw ideas from. You don’t need to follow the designs and sketches frame by frame, but you just have to look at them and add a personal touch to your scrapbook.
The good thing about mixing sketching and scrapbooking is you keep your old hobby while starting a new one, and you develop both hobbies even further. Mixing two hobbies helps prevent a creative rut because you can find inspiration in one hobby, which spills over to your other hobby. Can’t create any scrapbooking ideas at the moment? No worries. Leave it be for a while and focus on your sketching where you can draw spontaneous images that come to mind. In no time, you’ll find something eye-catching from your sketches and realize that you can apply it to your scrapbook design and layout.

Start or Revisit Reading

If you no longer enjoy watching TV or shows online, start a simple and enriching hobby reading. If you think reading is kind of old-school for you, there are plenty of sites online where you can read popular novels, e-books, and original literary works. 
You can read e-books through your tablet or computer at your convenient time and pace while not feeling technologically left out. If you want to return to your reading roots and feel every turn of pages in your hands, there are also plenty of bookstores to visit. If you have your old books and novels tucked in a box or left untouched on a shelf, it’s time to wipe off the dust from them and start a reading hobby. 
Reading can satisfy your mind’s thirst for knowledge as well as enhance your imagination and creativity. This hobby might be new to you, or you may have stopped doing it for a while now, but you will find it incredibly useful again when you need to temporarily disconnect yourself from reality. Transporting your thoughts to new worlds, ideas, concepts, and cultures helps you escape the things that trouble you and come back with fresh ideas and points of view. To make your reading hobby more exciting, combine reading an e-book and a paperback or hardback book to enhance your reading experience.

Pen Down Your Thoughts Through Writing

Do you often have random thoughts or imaginative scenes playing in your mind? Don’t let them all go to waste and write them down. You just might be in the process of making a literary masterpiece or a superb fictional story. Channel your boredom into something positive and productive by turning your thoughts into writing. Making a journal of the things that sparked your interest, the places your imagination has visited, or the wonderful daydreams that you wish to continue on your next nap is a wonderful hobby to start doing. Various online resources can help you get started with writing and materialize your active imagination.


Cooking is both a skill and a hobby that you will get to love once you learn it. If you think creativity and cooking don’t mix, you’ll have to scratch that. There are plenty of possibilities and rooms for exploration when it comes to cooking. Best of all, the fruits of this hobby are foods that can satisfy your taste buds, take you on a gastronomic adventure, and give you nourishment. Whether you want to cook something fancy, tasty, or healthy, take your time to learn and master the art of cooking. Again, thanks to the internet, you can watch or read plenty of resources to get started without having to enroll in a cooking class.

Play a Musical Instrument

Do you want to build a stronger connection to music than just listening to your favorite tunes? Learn to play a musical instrument or if you already know how to play, pick up a guitar, tap your piano keyboard, or bust some nifty drum beats to reconnect with your musical side. When you pick up this new hobby, you get to appreciate music on a deeper level and music will help improve and influence your way of life.


Are you the type who appreciates beautiful landscapes, sceneries, and people and takes snapshots of them? You can make photography your new hobby. With most of us having a smartphone, taking pictures with this device is an excellent way to learn the basics of photography. You can focus on a particular theme, landscape, or subject in your photography hobby. As you master the fundamentals and polish your skills, you can take your hobby to a new level and use specialized photography equipment.
A hobby is a worthwhile activity that can help you pass the time. It can also be something you are passionate about and something you want to keep doing. Starting a new hobby should not be difficult if you are open to the idea. There are plenty of creative and fun activities to start new hobbies. If you can’t think of anything yet, ask your friends for suggestions or search online for recommendations. Time is too precious to waste, so do something fulfilling and enriching through a hobby.


Clara Rose