"Republican Sen. Tim Scott Will Deliver GOP Response to Biden Address." This was one of the headlines on Thursday, on the National Public Radio app, and it caused my mind to go rolling into defense mode in seconds. 
The article was about Scott's upcoming address in a joint session next week, where he is expected to shore up his own personal achievements as the living breathing example of whatever 'success' mulch the republicans would like to spew at this time, to help the public forget that they are the demons that we are living with side by side. 
The Republican's party reliance on Tim Scott now and  in the past, proves that the they have no nuts; they are weak and they are the exact cohort that I described in Ode to America, as they are hiding behind their black gopher at this important juncture of rebuilding this nation. 
Tim Scott is the sole African-American member of the Republican party and he is obviously here to show us that whiteness hides at these times, as some of the major players and whitest faces seem to not want to be seen.
This is an obvious statement that at the most critical times of life, whiteness fails; it cannot support the weight of the moment. 
It should be shocking that in 2021, the republican party has a single African-American member, which I see as proof of their prejudice.
It should be shocking that in 2021, the republican party has a single African-American member, which I see as proof of their prejudice. 
In the article, Scott is described as "central" to discussions about policing legislations and giving the recent verdict in the country's favor, I am hoping with all of my strength that he attempts to find some common ground with President Biden, rather than the opposite.
Judging by his countenance Scott appears to be a person that is subservient and serious, and I hope this nature is truly at the feet of his constituency, rather than at the usual, naked assaults of the republican party. 
Even the republican party is needy at this time, and hopefully, in Scott, they are getting a leader that is conscious, as this is a time to bring the country and the party, together, rather than to tear it apart; if he is as sensible as I would hope, his words would support as much.
Scott is an embarrassment to many African-Americans, (obviously because of his alignment with a party that continues to sometimes veil its attempts to usurp power from marginalized communities), but alas, African Americans are not alone because whites have Donald Trump and Hispanics have the GOYA president.
It is clear that ignorance and embarrassment goes around freely for all races, but I am anxious to witness Scott's vantage point of what our needs are, despite his obvious questionable function in the party.  Interestingly enough, the articled noted that despite its honor, past speakers tended to falter politically, afterwards, so many are wondering if Scott is the sacrificial lamb of the party or the exact face that they need to see to unify their demons.
As a centrist, I am all for whatever is needed at the time, and I hope that Scott and his party members agree that Joe Biden is what this country needs, as inner peace is a pretty expensive currency these days. To say that I am basking in the glow of this new America without a rabid Twitter feed is an understatement, as I truly do not know how to celebrate this sense of calm that I have in and around me in this interim, in 2021.
I am glad for the years so far until this one, that have made me understand what is truly valuable about life and I am glad to be able to be living it--though I am aware that it is a luxury that is not given, but fought for, and as many of us continue to fight for the life that we believe in, I hope that any republican gophers know not to stand in our way.