The world of cryptocurrency started out pretty much like any other field — primarily male-dominated. And women who were breaking stereotypes by pursuing careers in this new financial world were just not given the same level of recognition as their male counterparts. 
Fortunately, crypto isn’t a boys club anymore. Back in 2020, a study published by Bitcoin operator Grayscale showed that around 43% of investors in Bitcoin are females. Better yet, these influential women are now making an impact throughout the digital assets sector and are receiving the attention they rightfully deserve.
These women are now creating incredible examples for the rest of you to set foot in the world of virtual currency and digital asset investing. Your average person can buy bitcoin from exchanges or through peer to peer transactions but these Women are going above and beyond, not just investing but pioneering the way applications of these digital currencies.
To honour these women, we’re here to shine a spotlight on three prominent females who are on some of the top posts in the world of cryptocurrency. 

Alisa DiCaprio — Head of Trade & Supply Chain at R3

Top of our list is Alisa DiCaprio, who is one of the leading female blockchain players for all the right reasons. She is currently working as the Director of Trade and Supply Chain at R3. 
Alisa’s job description involves looking after trade strategies, logistics, transportation, and governance design with a focus on finances. 
And that’s not all. She previously worked at the Asian Development Bank where her role was leading advancements in regional integrations, trade finances, and digital economy. 
Above all, Alisa has both governmental and private sector expertise in trade promotion, labour issues, design, and developmental projects. 
It’s safe to say that Alisa owes her incredible success in the blockchain world to her formidable track record in leading enterprise projects and her dedicated participation in the field. 

Rebecca Liao — COO & Co-founder at Skuchain

Another prominent female figure making a noticeable impact in the world of digital money is Rebecca Liao. 
She is currently serving as the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Sukucain, which is a transcending blockchain-based business revolutionizing trade and supply management systems. 
Besides holding an impressive BAE degree, Rebecca was also named as a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer for 2019. And on top of it all, she formerly worked as the Director of Business Development and Head of Asia for Globality — a company that utilizes AI for global services. 
We're not done yet, and apparently, neither is Rebecca. She also worked as the foreign policy advisor for Hilary Clinton on her presidential campaign in 2016. What's more, Rebecca also writes about technology, including blockchain for the Financial Times, The Atlantic, Huffington Post, and New York Times. 
Under her excellent leadership skills, Rebecca's company grew to more than $5 billion in annual volume. Also, the World Trade Organization named Skuchan one of the top three blockchain firms in trade and supply chain finance in 2020. Now that is a big feat. 

Galia Benartzi — Co-founder of Bancor

Perhaps one of the most influential figures in the crypto space is Galia Benartzi. Back in 2017, she co-founded Bancor — a cryptocurrency conversion company that is currently standard for a new-gen of cryptocurrencies called Smart Tokens. 
She’s so successful as an entrepreneur that she has been named in the Forbes list of Europe’s Top 50 Women In Tech
Before finding a multimillion-dollar organization, the Israel-based entrepreneur founded and eventually sold two tech businesses, namely Mytopia and Particle Code. Following the buzz surrounding blockchain technology, Galia began experimenting with local currency pilots in Tel Aviv, America, and the Middle East. 
And her keen interest in converting cryptocurrencies through pilots like these led her to co-found Bancor in 2017. Galia’s company managed to raise over $150 million via a digital auction known as the ICO. It has also processed over $1.5 billion conversions across 120 countries to date.
But it wasn’t all hearts and roses for Galia. Back in the summer of 2018, Bancor lost around $13.5 million of cryptocurrency tokens belonging to its users following a hack. Since the unfortunate incident, Galia donated an estimated $100k to the Crypto Defenders Alliance, a body focusing on preventing abuse and theft in the entire industry. 
Galia is living proof that female tech entrepreneurs can make it big in crypto, despite the hardships they may endure. 
So to claim that females haven’t shown their worth in crypto would be entirely inaccurate.
Although women in crypto are heavily outnumbered by their male counterparts, they are still making a sizable impact in the blockchain space.
Here’s to hoping that we recognise and appreciate more women in crypto — the likes of Alisa DiCaprio, Rebecca Liao, and Galia Benartzi!


Siarra K