Choosing the right ballet shoes is important when it comes to your dance performance. Not only do they need to be comfortable, but they also need to properly grip the floor and provide a secure base for you while dancing. Choosing the wrong type of shoe can lead to pain in your feet, ankles, or knees which can affect your overall performance. In this blog post, we will go over some tips on choosing the perfect pair of ballet shoes!

Finding The Right Fit

Finding the right fit is very important. Ballet shoes should feel like a second skin to your feet and if you're not comfortable then it's time to move on to another pair of ballet boots or jazz shoes. Try them on with tights, socks, and leotards as different materials will affect how they look and feel on your feet.
Ballet shoes shouldn't be too tight or loose but should fit comfortably snug around the sides and back of your foot with a little bit of room for toe movement in front. The heel area should feel secure when you're dancing so that they won't slip off while you are moving across the floor during ballet class. When you start choosing the best ballet shoes, they should also feel very lightweight and flexible. The sole of the shoe is usually made from leather or canvas, so when you're walking around in them they shouldn't sound like your footsteps are echoing across a room.
They should be soft to walk on but still offer the necessary support for the arch area - this will help prevent injury. Be sure to check the stitching on your ballet shoes as well. If they're coming apart and you can see through them, it's probably time for a new pair of dancewear.

Knowing What Type Of Foot You Have

Before you even start looking for ballet shoes, it is important to know what type of foot you have. Three types of feet will determine the best shoe style for your needs:
Standard Feet- This type should look for a ballet shoe that has a split sole and is cut deeper in the box area. The strong arch of this foot needs good support to avoid injury.
Narrow Heel/Wide Ball Feet- Because these feet have an average width, you can wear any style as long as it fits well with your heel being close to the edge of the box. Make sure there's enough room above so no toes are squished together at the front or sides of shoes! This makes wide toe boxes best for this foot shape because they allow plenty of space without sacrificing too much stability.
Wide Heel/ Narrow Ball Feet - Shoes made from soft leather will stretch over time and mold to your feet. You can choose a shoe with a stiff or firm box for better support, especially if you have narrow heels.

Step Into The Ballet Shoe

It should fit snugly, but not too tight.
This is important for two reasons: First of all, you need to make sure that your toes are flat against the end of the shoe. If they're squished up inside or hanging over the edge, then it's a no-go! Secondly, if there's any wiggle room in the shoe, then it will be very uncomfortable and you won't get a proper workout.
When trying on ballet shoes for the first time, wear your tights! This way, if there is any bunching or rubbing that occurs around your ankles or shins while you're moving in the barre exercises, you'll be able to feel it, and then you can adjust the shoes accordingly.

Buy The Shoes

Don't be afraid to spend money on the right pair of ballet shoes. If you're dancing in them five days a week, then they should last at least six months, but probably longer if you take good care of them!
As for finding these useful dance items? You have multiple options- including your local dance store or online retailers. The other option is buying used ballet shoes from other dancers who are looking to sell their old pairs. Make sure that the only reason why they are getting rid of them is that they've outgrown it and not because there's something wrong with it!
If this sounds too complicated, don't worry about where to buy ballet shoes just yet! Go ahead and get started by practicing
There are so many different types of ballet shoes available for dancers today. You can choose from traditional leather slippers, split sole options as well as the all-new ballerina flats which look great on stage with your dance attire and feel just like wearing regular sneakers! Now that you know how to choose the top ballet shoes, shop around for a few pairs to find what feels most comfortable when dancing. Happy shopping!


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