Ready Set Jet Academy is a platform helping young women in India expand career opportunities in the beauty space. Shalini Vadhera, owner of RSJ and Author of Passport to Beauty, is collaborating with Youtube sensation Lillee Jean of Lillee Jean Beauty Inc., to teach classes virtually at the Academy to aspiring artists in India on how to use makeup and new beauty tips, with the hopes of either them becoming independently sustainable as Youtubers to build jobs. Lillee Jean will host an IG Live with Shalini on June 6, 2021, at 2 PM EST on Lillee’s live @lilleejean. Ever wanted to know how to simplify your beauty routine? Lillee Jean and Shalini share how less is more with the Ready Set Jet Beauty Batons. We would love for you to share this endeavor with your readers online so they can tune in or for you to post about the collaboration in general.
The collaboration stemmed from a lack of mentorship and resources available for young females. After Shalini received the Mahatma Gandhi Award at the UK House of Lords, government officials from India asked her to help the girls of India. She realized it was time to use beauty for a higher purpose, and pay it forward by creating a new brand with the mission of using beauty as a vehicle for change, by skilling and training disenfranchised girls, with the aim of creating the next generation of female entrepreneurs. 
Shalini says, "Because of Covid, I received so many messages from women around the world who had lost their jobs, were dealing with mental health issues, and wanted to learn new skills, so we broadened our mission to bring tools to all females to transform their lives through beauty. Our academy takes a 360-degree approach to beauty with personal and professional development courses and impactful learning where we scholarship disenfranchised girls and women. This is in addition to the social impact work in India." 
Lillee Jean continues, "From an early age I have seen the way women have not learned to use tools to uplift each other. In fact, it seems almost ingrained to follow a pattern of tearing each other down instead of creating a symmetry in the way we help each other out. I can reach people who actually feel quite alone, and help them to shine too. I look forward to working with Shalini on this project, and contributing through my skills."
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More about Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean specializes in content creation, reviewing brand products, and uncovers different techniques used, showcasing brands to fans. As a self-taught makeup artist, her other passion is teaching people about health, skincare, and beauty on social platforms. Personal skin care, beauty, health, environment, and anything concerning the youth of today is LJ's platform and social voice.
More about Shalini:
Shalini launched her career at 19 as a makeup artist and formed her first startup company in India. She has used my international platform to empower women all over the globe. Shalini rose from jewelry and fashion entrepreneur to celebrity makeup artist, best-selling author of “Passport to Beauty”,  as well as being a frequent guest on Dr. Oz, Today, The Doctor’s, and The View. She has been awarded The Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Award at The British House Of Lords, The Woman of Excellence Award, The Oprah Beauty Onward, and The Jewel Of India Award from the Prime Minister's Office.