For years, plastic surgery has been evolving constantly as well as the technology surrounding it. With every new year, new trends arrive followed by new advancements and ideas. Plastic surgery practices are affected by new innovation and technology, not only how quickly the patients would recover from the procedure, but the way doctors are connecting with them online. Here are some of the latest innovations so far, as well as technologies that have brought up plastic surgery to a whole new level.

Smart Lipo

New technology has made traditional liposuction safer than ever, which helped medical professionals to stop questioning its safety. Modern smart lipo uses laser technology, which melts away excess fat in liquid form and is noninvasive, unlike traditional liposuction that involves removing solid fat using a large cannula. 
The recovery is much after compared to what it used to be, and can be aided by goodcompression wear. As an addition, the heat, which is generated from the laser, activates the healing response in the body, then causes the tissue to retract itself. A smoother and tighter look is a result, without leaving any loose skin after the procedure.  

Hybrid Breast Augmentation

The procedure where both the fat transfer and implants are being involved is called hybrid breast augmentation. This procedure would be the best for women that desire more natural-looking breasts and do not have enough fat, which can reach the desired breast size. The main advantage of combining breast implants with fat is a strategic placement of the fat itself. Basically, every person and procedure is unique, which Dr. Jones from would believe as well. A hybrid breast augmentation procedure can give a more customized approach, which correlates with this opinion. It can be hard to find an implant that fits your breast perfectly. For that reason alone, hybrid breast augmentation can be a solution to such a problem. 

3D and Endoscopic Facelift

Another innovative plastic surgery practice is a 3D facelift. It pulls the tissue and fat from inside the lower part of the face to your cheekbones. The result is added volume without having any dramatic look, which can be achieved through some traditional means. Usually, this type of facelift is done with local anesthesia. 
Scars can be visible in traditional facelift procedures, not to mention that it is possible to cause nerve damage if the surgeon is not trained well enough. Another technologically advanced type of facelift is called an endoscopic facelift. The procedure involves small incisions that are made along the scalp and temples and the endoscope, a tube with a camera and light attached at the end, is used. 
Fewer risks and less scarring are the results. Also, surgeons will be able to focus on a specific area of the face, which will give improved results compared to traditional plastic surgery procedures. 

Sculpting Tools

The fat freezing technology, called CoolSculpting, kills fat cells and results in a reduction of overall fat up to 25 percent in treated areas of the body. On that note, a muscle toner, EmSculp, stimulates contractions and helps muscles to build up more quickly. Kybella is considered to be a "double chin treatment". It is an injection full of synthetic deoxycholic acid, which after being used under the chin breaks down and absorbs fat. 
All of these contouring procedures use electromagnetic energy, which is highly focused, in order to initiate the muscle contraction that helps to both breakdown fat on the buttocks or abdomen and to build up the muscle. EmSculptis perfect for those people that have a lower body mass index.  

Rhino Sculpture

The energy emitting device, called ultrasonic rhino-sculpture, emits ultrasonic energy, which helps to reshape your nose without damaging any soft tissue or cartilage. It specifically targets the bone without causing any harm to the surrounding tissue. 
The procedure is less traumatic and safer, with the results that leave the patient with little or no swelling at all. Bruising is also not as drastic as it would be after a traditional rhinoplasty procedure. 
The first thing to do in case you decide to alter your appearance is to make sure to have a consultation with the doctor first. In the foreseeable future, plastic surgery will continue to rise as well as the innovations which assist in getting better procedure results. 
The willingness and strength to change things about yourself that you do not like are now encouraged more than ever. Many people decide to dive into the world of ever-evolving plastic surgery to regain their confidence and reach their full potential. 
If you are one of those people, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals, so simply go for it after doing detailed and educated research. 


Daria Brown