Keiya K. Rayne is a master intuitive, who for more than 15 years has been helping clients release energetic blocks and dismantle their limiting beliefs so they are able to create a relationship, business and life they absolutely love, with clarity, confidence and unexpected ease.
She’s a TEDx speaker, as well as a The Big Talk Academy certified speaker. Most recently, Keiya spoke at the United Nations NGO Commission On The Status of Women. You can also find her work featured in multiple online publications including The Native Influence and The Daily Positive.
Keiya is a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Licensed Minister of the Universal Life Church and a recipient of The White House President's Volunteer Service Award for her humanitarian work, domestically and globally. I had an opportunity to catch up with Keiya on connection and how we can deepen our relationships at home and at work. 

When did you decide to step fully into your calling of being a master intuitive who helps leaders?  

I was a highly intuitive, sensitive child who always found myself in leadership roles at school and church, so the seed was planted from early on. It was around twenty years ago when I was connected with my very first  spiritual mentor, Dr. Linda Levine, who really helped me build my confidence as an intuitive, and one day said to me “you’re so ready to do this.” I was a bit apprehensive at first, but then decided to go for it and started offering intuitive reading and healing sessions.
A little while later, I coached a young lady who, at the time, was going through a very bad break-up with her boyfriend and needed support and guidance.  During our work together, not only did she release that relationship with a great sense of ease and confidence, she also discovered her purpose as a Healer and Angel channeler, and she’s been successfully doing this work for over a decade. That experience was the beginning of my fully stepping into my calling as a master intuitive who helps leaders. 
As I continued on my path, I observed time and time again the types of people that were drawn to my work were leaders, especially those in the healing arts. Embracing one’s calling as a leader, especially one who aspires to lead  from a  holistic perspective, requires us to go deep within and access higher wisdom and knowledge, first to embody it for ourselves and then be able to effectively guide and lead others. 

You talk about the ease of building relationships having an unexpected component. What do you mean by this Keiya? 

(why is the ease so unexpected?)
Something transformative and miraculous happens when we make a conscious decision to master the relationship with ourselves.
As I worked with my clients something phenomenal was taking place, they were experiencing massive breakthroughs in a relatively short period of time and moving through some heavy emotional blockages that were taking them years to work out in therapy. At the same time, their relationships with themselves, mother, father, colleagues and spouses were all shifting in a very positive way without them saying a word. To their astonishment, it was all unfolding with this sense of ease.  That’s where the concept of unexpected ease was born.
There’s also a misconception that many of us have bought into that relationships are hard work, especially on an intimate and personal level. I literally cringe every time I hear this, because I know it stems from a deep rooted limiting belief that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 
A mindset shift from believing relationships are hard work, to believing the opposite will begin attracting to you experiences that support this new belief. 
I had a client who’d been wanting her husband to change certain behaviors for over 5 years. Despite all her efforts and all the myriad of ways in which she asked, very little, if anything changed. When she learned how to master the relationship with herself,  direct her attention and energy to the kind of relationship that she wanted to experience, she saw a significant change in his behavior and they began to truly enjoy and rekindle their passion for each other all over again. 

What is the biggest block you see people creating for themselves? 

I really love this question because it's a conversation that’s very much needed at this time to support the massive transformation the world is going through right now. Thank You! 
Albert Einstein said “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”
First, I believe one of the biggest blocks we create for ourselves, unfortunately, our unawareness of the truth of who we truly are, and the power we have to create what we desire.  
I say “unfortunate,” because it’s something we were never taught by our parents, school or society and, more often than not, we come to this understanding by way of a hardship such as divorce, mid-life crisis, health challenge or some intense experience that shakes us to our core and awakens us to search for a deeper meaning.
So, in essence we keep creating what we want from our limited self and beliefs, rather than from a place of truth, knowing and empowerment.  
On the flip side, when we’re able to embrace and align with who we really are, then it’s all systems go! We become more magnetic to the ideal people, situations and opportunities, that’ll seem to randomly appear out of nowhere. 
The great news is: the first step to releasing this block is awareness. 
Many are experiencing tremendous inner and inter personal challenges like never before. This was brought to the forefront by the Covid 19 pandemic and the senseless killing of George Floyd. 
This is especially important for thought, world and business leaders of every kind. Become aware of and embracing the role we play in the evolution of humanity is going to have a tremendous impact on our bottom line and overall success.  

How does this intimate work have a bigger impact?

This intimate work takes the individual on a transformational  journey that enables them to discover, access and direct their personal energy for the good of self and others, and it’s  how they’re able to create what I call contagious change. 
Imagine running a large corporation, where you as the leader have command and understanding of your personal energy and how you can positively impact all aspects of your business by the power of your vibration alone?
If this sounds a little too out there, look no further than Angela Ahrendts, a renowned business leader who led the transformation of global brands including Burberry and Apple retail.  In her 2014 TED talk, Ms Ahrendts spoke of  human energy and how it single-handedly has the power to transform and unite communities. 
Just as technology has evolved, so have we, and human energy has the ability to create global change by the thoughts, emotions and vision we hold for ourselves and each other.  
Many of the challenges we are face today, such as inclusivity, diversity, equality, poverty, personal and interpersonal relations can be solved with greater ease when we awaken to this force we have within us, and become open to an advanced and more holistic approach. 
I’m thrilled to be guiding leaders to this new cutting-edge way of living and being. For each person who taps into this potential, they have the ability to influence and impact thousands in a positive way. That’s the amazing power of our vibrational energy. 

You recently spoke at the United Nations, sharing the stage with some pretty big-deal speakers. What was that like, and did you have any limiting beliefs you had to tackle?

It was truly an honor being invited to speak at the United Nations NGO Commission on the Status of Women alongside such dignitaries as H. E. The Minister of Family and Social Services from the Republic of Turkey, H. E. Deputy Ambassador of Sierra Leone to the United Nations  and Head of Marmara University Women’s Study in Economics and Social Affairs. 
I spoke on the topic of empowering women and girls to reclaim their self-worth and power to become competent, confident and effective leaders in business, education and life.   As a young girl, I was often told to shut up and be quiet, so having the opportunity to be on one of the most prestigious stages in the world shows that no matter how traumatic our past experiences may be, they need not dictate our future.  
This was an exceptionally meaningful experience, because I truly felt as if I was giving voice to every woman, child and especially little girls around the world who had been silenced and unable to speak up for themselves. 
In terms of limiting beliefs, I must say the significance of the presentation outweighed any anxiety I felt.  I also felt secure and confident in my ability to deliver a stellar presentation because of the training I received from the Big Talk Academy and working with my speaking mentor, award-winning director Tricia Brouk. 
With all that in place, I did have one limiting belief to tackle, and that was accepting the fact that my presentation was going to be completely different from everyone else on the panel, and be ok with that. While this was a good challenge to have, it had the opposite effect on me. After getting super-clear that my unique point of view and life experience are what got me invited in the first place, that limiting belief was quickly put to rest.


Tricia Brouk