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HELP! I Hate Interacial Dating!

Dear Armchair Psychologist,I am bothered by Black women who date white men. I don't think they are honoring their ancestors who were raped, lynched, murdered, castrated, and forced to live lives worse than animals in slavery and could never do anything to help themselves. To see these women dishonor their ancestors by sleeping and breeding with the ancestor's murderers is bothering me. Am I wrong?- IrkedBlackMan

Dear IrkedBlackMan,

You'd be surprised to learn that many of your 'ancestors' engaged in interracial dating and were oftentimes punished harshly for this. It must suck to live in 2020 where one can love whomever one chooses under the protection of the law and not in the "good old days" where Black people stuck with Black people, and the only problem they faced was the grave reality of slavery? Your letter, which oozes of prejudice and misogyny, etc. is deeply troubling for many reasons that I won't go into in great detail here. Primarily, it is important to distinguish that profiling white people as less than because of a shared lineage to slavery is the same kind of profiling and marginalization that African-Americans suffer daily. It is common for many groups of people with a shared and long history of painful memories to value insularity. I recommend you explore, with a qualified therapist, why your racial identity makes you feel slighted and hostile towards interracial relationships between white and Black people.

- The Armchair Psychologist

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Ubah Bulale