Fundraising is one of the most critical activities that a nonprofit organization carries out. In this age of the internet, it is more important than ever to raise funds online. It increases the reach of your fundraising campaign significantly. Also, it lets you innovate and experiment in the way you carry out your fundraising campaign. Both of these factors have contributed considerably to nonprofits turning increasingly towards online sources to fund their activities.
There are plenty of fundraising campaigns out there organized by nonprofits. However, a regular netizen is likely to feel that almost all of the campaigns are way too alike. To solve this particular problem, you can adopt any innovative ways we mention in the following paragraphs to gather money for the noble and worthy cause you believe in.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Method

Suppose your fundraising platform doesn’t let you carry out a campaign using the peer-to-peer funding mechanism. In that case, you are missing out. The facts have it that such a peer-to-peer model makes up 33% of all donations people make online. So, it’s one of the hot and trendy fundraising ideas for non profits. It is effective, making it an indispensable tool at the hands of someone trying to raise money for noble causes.
You ideally want the dedicated believers in your cause to not only make donations but spread the word as well by providing options to set up web pages easily. This provision is incredibly essential. When donors actively promote your cause, then you have a great chance of meeting your funding needs. Just consider the following fact 25% of emails forwarded by peers convert to donations. Simultaneously, it takes 1250 direct emails for a single conversion in the case of the nonprofit.
One example we should particularly consider is how “Pensacola Habitat For Humanity’s Women Build” facilitated donors setting up their fundraising webpages. Each such site came with a personal appeal and social sharing buttons, which helped the cause and created a strong awareness.

One-Day Email Flashes And Sharing Events Hosted On Social Media

Almost 33% of all online donations come through email fundraising. Even if you already have organized an email fundraising campaign this year, an additional one-day blitz fundraising campaign might be suitable for your purpose. For this, you need to choose a day of particular importance or significance that holds a lot of relevance to your organization or the work it does. 
On the designated date, make sure to send out an email series that calls for donations. These stories need to connect with donors emotionally. They must be accompanied by suitable design and images and ideally have a call-to-action button too, which moves the convinces the prospect to donate with its sense of urgency.
If you are particularly strong on social media, it would be a great idea to carry out a social media sharing blitz or virtual fundraising event. Social media’s exceptional use in fundraising is well known. An innovative practice would be to organize a social media sharing event for one particular day. Make sure that you use the various social media channels and actively encourage people to donate.
Also, set a financial goal for the event and then letting your supporters know how far you have progressed from time to time.

Online Donation Matching Campaign

You can make the previous idea we just mentioned even better by offering matches from a company or any other donor. Make sure that you highlight this fund matching in your emails. People who donate money get an impetus when they know how the money was leveraged. In particular, matching gifts give the joy of knowing that they are essentially giving two gifts while paying for one single such item. Such offerings and fund matching is a major motivating factor that makes millennials donate.
This matching technique also works well when you are in the middle of a fundraising campaign. Suppose you find that the donated amounts are starting to dip during the middle of the campaign. In that case, it is the perfect opportunity to introduce matching funds or gifts. Matching gifts boost the excitement associated with the event and maintain the momentum. Remember to promote such matches through all of the channels you use to communicate with prospects.
Irrespective of the particular campaign you eventually decide to carry out, these innovative ideas should help you meet your fundraising goals. These ideas should help you make sure that your one-day or annual, or particular fundraising campaign is a resounding success. Remember to approach the fundraising task with a razor-sharp strategy and add dollops of creativity and innovations to develop something that resounds with your donors. Make it fun and make sure that your supporters find what you are doing to be engaging, and you are sure to meet with success!


Daria Brown