You’re not alone if you feel a spell-binding desire to return to the comforting yield of the soil.
You’re not alone if you feel called out of the city and into the country.
You’re not alone if you want to nourish your body with the fruit of your hands.
The call is bigger than you. There’s a shift in the world, you can feel it. It’s a healing of the nation.
This matters because women are nature and nurture. You’re wired to know the decisions you need to make to thrive. It’s no coincidence that you feel the need to breathe cleaner air, eat nourishing foods and find peace of mind.
You feel the shift, but don’t know where to start or know how to get there.
I promise you that if you’re a woman of faith, you’ll know.
It will bring you the people you need to connect with. It will deter you from places that aren’t meant for you, guide you where you need to go, and show you where you need to wait.
How do I know?
I am a woman of faith and I’ve seen it time and time again.
Three years ago I went casual at my nursing job and started travel nursing.
I felt the need to explore the scenic parts of Canada in hopes of finding a new home. Traveling for work allowed me to do so.
It was a scary decision, I didn’t know where it would take me, but do we ever? Our steady job, home, and access to services give us a false sense of security.
Security is the responsible plan but once it’s gone we can spiral into hopelessness. Faith is the ever-resilient plan.
I traveled and worked in the Northern parts of Canada, on Native reserves, in mountainous areas and I’ve found black women with similar stories.

Why It’s Important to Meet Like-Minded Women

I started traveling to remote locations for work, not expecting to see many women like myself. I was having adventures like:
I started traveling to remote locations for work, not expecting to see many women like myself. 
I was having amazing adventures that I wouldn’t have anywhere else. Driving past twelve bears in the mountains. Taking part in Heiltsuk Indigenous potlatch ceremonies. Getting to work by helicopter.  Bathing in hot springs surrounded by trees in the winter.
I saw black women in many of the locations I went to with similar stories. It was important to see like-minded people because it affirmed that I wasn’t alone. No matter how hard people try to stereotype us, you can’t take away our uniqueness and adaptability.
We encouraged each other along the way. 
We exchanged similar, reassuring phrases. 
“It’s no coincidence that we met.” 
“You’re not alone.”
“I needed this reminder.”
“You’re on the right track, we’ll figure it out.”

Bring Back Community

Growing and operating a farm is laborious. I was reminded of this when speaking to a woman who said, ‘I’ve lived on a farm before and it’s hard work, at this point in my life I won’t be able to do it alone’.
As someone who cherishes my quiet time, I low-key dread having too many people around, but the truth is, we can’t survive without community. We are interdependent on each other.

The Country Is Right Around the Corner

Some people imagine living in the middle of a secluded mountain without a neighbour around for kilometers- that doesn’t have to be the case. You can live in an area as close to half an hour to an hour outside of the city that feels secluded.
I see this frequently living in Alberta. There’s so much land around that you don’t have to go very far to escape.

Start Where You Are

You may not be in the position to move right now, but start taking the necessary steps towards the life you want.
This can look like:
Getting your finances together. 
Having flexibility with your finances allows you more options. It allows you freedom. Having debt paid off can increase your income. Instead of paying someone else, you can pay yourself. Perhaps an increased income allows you to work less or move to your preferred living area.
Buying seeds. 
Food can get expensive, especially if you're living in a rural area. Growing your own food can help with the cost. 
Learn about gardening.
It can be frustrating to grow food when you don't know where to begin. You don't have to wait to move to the country to learn about gardening. You can start with Youtube videos. You can start growing produce in your current home. You can start with your local community garden.
Doors will open and help will come.


Feeling the desire to move closer to the country and grow your own food isn’t a coincidence. It can be as small as moving to the suburbs and having a home garden or moving to large acreage. Start preparing for the life you want even if you can’t see the way yet. Find balance in community.
And remember, you’re not alone.
Originally published in Medium-Assemblage


Arlene Ambrose