As a woman in my 30s, prioritizing my health and confidence has grown increasingly more important. My body started to go through changes that I was not used to when I was feeling and looking my best a couple of years ago. My varicose veins started to become more prominent as I aged. 
Although it took some time to get treatment for them, I totally don’t regret treating my varicose veins and here's why. 

What are Varicose Veins?

When I first noticed my varicose veins, I wasn’t sure exactly what they were and how they became so prominent on my skin. I discovered they are twisted and enlarged veins close to the skin's surface. Typically they affect the legs, which is where mine were. The legs are commonly affected since the pressure of the lower body is constantly working from standing and walking. 
I work a job that requires me to stay on my feet, so it made sense that they appeared on my legs. It looked like dark purple or blue veins covering my legs and some of them even seemed to be twisted and bulging from my skin. 

My Experience

I always had skin that showed my veins clearly, with some spider veins in the mix. Spider veins are similar to varicose veins but smaller and are closer to the skin surface with a red or blue color. When my varicose veins started showing up, it wasn’t an immediate concern for me since I was used to being a veiny individual. 
As I aged, I noticed they were getting worse. Some reasons could have been because of my hormonal changes between menstrual periods or due to pregnancy. When pregnant, blood volume increases in the body to support the growing baby and can enlarge veins. They also could’ve appeared due to more weight causing pressure on the veins or simply because it runs in my family history. 
I noticed some painful symptoms started to occur after a bit of time. My legs became achy and heavier and the pain got worse when standing or sitting for long periods and they became itchy. These are common symptoms to experience, along with burning, throbbing, cramping, swelling in the lower legs and changes in skin color around them. 

Why I Avoided Treatment

For a while, I was making all kinds of excuses not to get treatment for my varicose veins. It didn’t seem like a real cause for concern in my mind. In reality, it harmed my confidence since I wore long pants on the hottest days to avoid them out in the open. It also could harm my health if I continued to ignore the symptoms. 
My first reason to avoid treatment was that my insurance didn’t cover cosmetic surgery. It is a common misconception since it improves the physical condition that it is cosmetic. This is not the case since it is not just about how the veins look but what is really going on with the veins. Getting treatment can prevent other health problems, making it a medically necessary procedure. 
I also wrongly made the assumption the procedure was going to be painful. Modern varicose vein surgery is far less painful and does not require general anesthesia. The procedure is less painful than the symptoms I encountered and would only worsen if not treated.   

Why Get Treatment

There are potential complications with varicose veins. Typically they are rare but still have the potential to occur. 
Ulcers can appear on the skin near the varicose vein and should get immediate medical attention. Blood clots can form deep within the legs and cause pain and swelling. Bleeding can occur if the veins burst. Although it is minor bleeding, it still needs medical attention. 
All healing processes will look different for everyone, but there is no doubt that the treatment won't work. There is a 95-100% success rate ensuring positive results from treatment. I noticed a significant amount of symptom relief after taking control of the situation. 

How it Changed My Life

Besides the symptoms I was experiencing with my varicose veins, I noticed a change in my confidence and personality. I couldn’t do things I loved without feeling pain which harmed my self-identity. Being unable to comfortably do my job or activities I enjoy made daily life difficult to navigate. 
I started to cover up my legs at any chance I could get. One of my favorite parts about my job was getting up and picking out an outfit for the day and it almost became routine for me to grab pants for the pure reason it would hide my varicose veins. Even on warm summer days, I would make an excuse to be fully covered. This was unlike me since wearing skirts and dresses is part of my style. 
After my treatment, I could start doing the things I loved again pain-free. I can work on my feet without needing to sit down as much and do the physical activities I love. It also has brought back my confidence to wear clothing that shows off my legs. I didn’t have to suffer on hot summer days anymore and could wear what I really enjoyed and embrace my style. 


Varicose veins are more than just how it looks on the skin. There are real reasons to get a treatment that helps manage symptoms to make life less painful. I am so grateful for the treatment I received and how it has helped my everyday life. 


Ava Roman