The season that we have all been waiting for is finally upon us. Oh yes, fall is here and pumpkin spice is quite literally everywhere you look. Halloween décor takes up space in all of the major retailers and pumpkin patches are popping up like wildfires. Fall is definitely in full swing and with the weather finally starting to cool off, all we can think about is fall fashion. If sweaters, boots and peacoats are on your mind, here’s a few different ways you can revamp your wardrobe for fall.

Swap Neutral Accessories for Metallics

When it comes to accessories, this fall is all about shimmer and shine. While neutral wardrobe pieces are still on trend, what you pair them with will require a bit more glitz. Shoes, purses and hats are hitting the shelves in just about every shade of metallic you could imagine. Think golds, coppers, lavenders, emerald greens, and deep blues. This gorgeous accessory trend is to die for so start revamping your fall wardrobe with some staple metallic pieces that you can pair with your neutrals for the perfect pop of glamor.

Upgrade Your Mary-Janes 

Mary-Janes have been on trend for a few seasons now, but this fall we are seeing a new variation of this classic and timeless shoe. We’d like to introduce you to the platform Mary-Jane. This fun twist on the standard shoe that we’ve all come to know and love is going to be everywhere this fall. The sky high heels are super flatter as they make your legs look miles long, and the thick heel and chunky platform makes them comfortable to walk in even at their excessive height. Pair with fitted jeans or a pleated skirt for a fun and flirty fall look.

Focus on Staples 

Regarding fall wardrobe, there are some staples that you should have on hand. These staples are timeless fall attire and will be wearable for years to come. Things like a pencil skirt in a neutral tone or a black peacoat are going to be items that you can use year after year. A couple of nice quality sweaters and a pair or two of boots are also going to be must-have items in your fall wardrobe. And don’t forget the perfect black bag that you can wear throughout the fall. Don’t be afraid to splurge on items like a black bag as things like this are going to be wardrobe staples all year round. Once you have a good amount of staples, you can supplement your fall wardrobe with on-trend accessories and statement pieces. This would be where you can add in a metallic bag or those platform Mary-Janes.

Buy Things You Will Wear

This may seem obvious, but many people fall prey to trends that don’t work with their style. If you know that bucket hats are going to be in style, but you hate how they look, don’t force it. Be selective with your trendy pieces and only lean into trends that you know you actually like on yourself. Especially with trends coming and going so fast, you don’t want to be investing in things you don’t like if they will be out of style in a few seasons anyway.

Add Some Statement Earrings

Remember when statement necklaces had a hold on all of us? If you were a fan of this trend, you are lucky because this fall statement jewelry is coming back. Statement earrings, to be specific, are what we are seeing on the runways for this fall season. We love trends like this because you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get in on it, and it helps to take a basic outfit to the next level. Think oversized crystal earrings with dramatic lengths or bold-colored fringe and chunky hoops. Pair with just about any outfit to keep up with the trends and keep your fall wardrobe current.


Having pieces that you can layer is a quintessential part of fall fashion. Jackets, sweaters, vests, scarfs, and tops are begging to be layered together to create the perfect fall look. Make sure you stock your wardrobe with plenty of pieces that can be layered to help make your wardrobe more versatile. This will also allow you to get extra use from your warmer-weather items.

Fall Fashion, Here We Come

While it can be bittersweet to retire your favorite sundresses and bikinis, getting your fall wardrobe together can be a great way to get yourself excited for the rest of the year. Summer is out, and fall is in so get started revamping your fall wardrobe with some of these tips and tricks today. 


Jacob Maslow