One of the first things that you need to do after purchasing a car is to register it at the Department of Local Vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a new vehicle or a used one because either way, declaring your ownership is crucial. This is because it is illegal to drive around without proof that you own the car. Moreover, you will be unable to report the vehicle if it gets stolen. To walk you through the registration process, we are going to provide you with everything you need to know about registering a car at the DMV.

Invest in Car Insurance

Most countries demand insurance coverage before you can register your car. You should go to an insurance company and let it inspect your car to estimate the amount that you should pay. After that, you need to take a print out to hand it at the DMV within a certain period that the state you live in sets. If you fail to present the documents within that period, you will have to renew the insurance. 

Prepare the Required Documents

Every country has its own set of rules, regulations, and documents that you need to provide to register your car. For instance, you have to prove to the DMV that the vehicle is yours by getting a statement of transaction that states whether it is a gift or you bought it. Moreover, you have to present your driver’s license, national identification card, bill of sale, and insurance form. 

The Registration Process

After you have gathered all of the necessary documents and followed the state regulations, you should head to the DMV. However, before planning to go, you should call to make an appointment because most of the time the place is loaded with people. Even if you get lucky and were allowed to enter without a previous appointment, you may not have the same luck other times. 
You should be punctual because sometimes they may let other people in if you are not on time. An official will meet you and hand you a registration form that you need to fill out with information about you and your vehicle. After that, you will hand in the form along with all of the previously mentioned documents to a worker. 
Every time you are done with a step, you will have to wait for a worker to come to you and guide you to the next one. Some people hate waiting, and others are too old or suffering from a physical injury that makes this process too hard on them. That is why California-based experts at recommend hiring a company that offers same-day services to take the task of registering your car upon themselves. However, you will have to look for people who appreciate time and effort as much as you do, so they would bring back your vehicle on time. That way, you will spare yourself the headache you will have to go through the DMV. 
If you are worried about renewing your registration because of the lengthy process, you shouldn’t give it much thought. This is because the second time is always easier as you can send the documents by mail. Even if you forget your registration renewal date, you will be sent an email to remind you before the deadline. 

Payment Methods

The registration fees depend on several factors, for instance, the type, value, and model of the vehicle. Moreover, the amount of money differs from one country to another and according to your currency. The fees include the sales tax, purchasing a license plate, and the registration fees. The DMV mostly accepts cash, debit or credit cards, or personal checks. After the payment is received, you will get a sticker for your license plate which you will need to apply. 
Those fees will give you the right to get a car inspection at one of the DMV’s stations every 12 months. This is crucial to make sure that your vehicle is running properly and that there is no risk for you or anyone around you while driving. 

Possible Penalties

In case you don’t follow the rules and ignore the law by skipping the registration process, you may get penalized. You will have to pay a certain amount of money if you get caught with an expired registration form. Moreover, when you try to renew the insurance contract, the company will charge you more because they will see you as a high-risk client. 
A car registration form is not made to make your life harder. On the contrary, you will have complete legal rights over your vehicle and you can protect it against any illegal activity. You should check the regulations and requirements of the country you live in to gather the required documents all at once. If you are too busy or tired to register your car yourself, you can get a company to do the work for you. 


Daria Brown