Some people love to cook. They enjoy making a detailed shopping list, so they do not forget supplies for the week's cooking. Furthermore, they like to visit the grocery store and spend time walking the aisles making their food selections. Finally, this preparation pays off when they create their culinary masterpieces at home.
Conversely, this description may not represent what you think about cooking. When it comes to meal preparation, you may consider it a needed undertaking to put food on the table, but nothing more than that. Moreover, you may live an active lifestyle with many work and home commitments, leaving little time for cooking chores. However, don't feel bad about yourself if you fall into this second category. Instead, take heart that many home chefs that do not enjoy cooking can find ways to make the task less challenging and more enjoyable by thinking about their recipe selections. Experienced cooks who prefer to spend their time on other activities than cooking know how to pick recipes that will help them prepare their meals with the least hassle.

1. Simple Is Best

Even experienced culinarians can find themselves intimidated when faced with complex recipes they must prepare. This feeling often gets exacerbated by the home cook who wants to get out of the kitchen quickly. A helpful tip regarding recipe selection for the reluctant cook focuses on choosing simple recipes over those with greater complexity. Simple recipes include those with a short list of procedures needed to accomplish creating the dish. When you try these simple recipes at home, you stand a better chance of creating a dish that resembles the recipe most closely, resulting in a better final product than you might previously have experienced. In addition, recipes like this will help you practice and gain confidence in your cooking skills, making the task more enjoyable for you.

2. Few Ingredients

Simple recipes often focus on few ingredients. For instance, selecting foods with good ripeness also means they should have full flavor. Thus, they will require less preparation and seasonings to bring out their excellent taste. You might stick with quality organic products for some, but use whatever ingredients best work with your budget to obtain the most satisfactory results. The fewer ingredients you buy, the less time you will need to spend shopping, which means more time to pursue other, more pleasurable activities.

3. Quick Gratification

When your enthusiasm for cooking wanes, choose recipes that offer quick gratification. For example, you might select a no-cook soup for a speedy dinner entree. You can put together a quick meal in a few minutes at home when supplemented with bagged salads and a nice crusty bread loaf from the store. Accomplishing what, for some, feels like a dreaded task becomes more doable when you pick quick recipes to prepare. This feeling also gives you a sense of accomplishment, making the entire cooking process a better experience for you.
Even though cooking might not be your first love, you can find ways to make the job easier for yourself. Moreover, clever cooks pick recipes that make it easy for them to get out of the kitchen fast. 


Clara Rose