It’s Saturday night, date night. My legs are sitting up on the dash of my husbands truck and I’m looking down admiring my dress. I got it 10 years ago and it fits me today better than it did when I bought it. Oh yeah, I just entered my 8th month of pregnancy with my third child in as many years. I look down to my baby bump and I am already in awe of the little human growing inside. 
As a first time mom, you hear all of the horror stories.
Babies that don’t sleep, babies that won’t eat, babies that just aren’t going to stop crying no matter the bribe. Ultimately, what a baby experiences in the womb will in part dictate how the baby will be when he/she opens their eyes for the first time.  So while pregnant it’s important to listen to your body and take care of your baby by taking care of yourself.
When we move our bodies we create space. Movement increases our circulation, clears the mind, and gives your little human just that extra bit of room to stretch out their legs (which is great for baby’s health.) Carving out time just for you to move, in whatever way feels good, should be right on top of your priority list as a pregnant momma. There is a common misconception that you shouldn’t exercise while pregnant and that any unnecessary movement will somehow hurt the baby when in fact the opposite is true. If I’ve learned anything over these past 3 pregnancies it’s that mindful movement is the key to an easy pregnancy and delivery.
That being said, you are pregnant, and going to the gym to break a PR is probably not the best idea.  The exercise routine you once swore by will definitely have to be adjusted as the months go by. While pregnant, it’s best to perform slow and controlled movements.  Really pay attention to maintaining proper alignment while using less weight.  By doing so you can really focus on the movements you are performing while reducing the risk of injury.  It’s important to remember its a marathon and not a sprint, 20 to 30 minutes of gentle exercise a day coupled with a diet rich in whole foods will leave you feeling even better than you did before being pregnant (minus the whole morning sickness thing which unfortunately we all have to suffer through from time to time).
When we slow down our movement, we slow down our breath. When we slow down our breath, we create space in our minds. This stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system which relaxes the mind and releases serotonin (the happy hormone). With so many hormones flowing throughout your pregnant body, anything you can do to boost the happy ones is a godsend.   Throughout your pregnancy, you will gain a deeper connection between the body and mind. Your intuition grows stronger with every breath. When you actively listen to your intuition everything just else seems to fall into place. Your body is always speaking, it’s up to your mind to pay attention and listen. 
Working in the health and fitness industry for the past 10 years, i’ve learned that what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the next.  Everyone has their own fitness journey to follow and the path is always changing. During my first pregnancy I was full of energy. I was doing an hour of yoga, a 5k run, and some weight training daily. This pregnancy I am really digging slow and controlled exercise routines lasting only 15-25 minutes. It’s important to listen to that body of yours and honour it accordingly. 
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Tanya Gold