We all need to have a healthy and nutritious diet. While there are many nutrients you want to ensure you fuel your body daily, getting enough protein is critical.
Many nutritionists say that you will be rewarded with various health benefits when you get enough protein. This includes losing weight easier, having more energy, developing more substantial muscles, and having a better immune system.
No matter what type of diet you follow, there are numerous ways to increase your protein intake. Of course, you should consult your doctor or nutritionist to decide on a game plan that works best for you.
But in general, here are the best ways to increase your protein daily.

1. Protein Before Anything Else

The first trick to increasing the amount of protein you get into your body is to eat protein over any other food group first – especially starchy foods. When you eat protein first, your stomach will automatically feel fuller. This will help you feel less hungry regardless of the time of day you’re eating. This trick also helps you keep your blood sugar stable as your body processes the food.

2. Use Protein Powder

Many people who do not have high enough protein levels are vegetarian or vegan. By cutting out meat from their diet, they need to be much more conscious about replacing meat with other foods equally rich in protein.
But many need help to do this. So rather than breaking your diet, try incorporating protein powder into your meals. You can add protein powder to your porridge, smoothies, or baked goods.
Protein powder is also something you can take with you, so even when traveling, you can be assured you can get the right amount of protein into your diet.

3. Nibble on Cheese

Channel your inner mouse and add snacking on cheese into your diet. Cheese is rich in protein and tastes good too. Of course, not all cheese is created equal. Cheddar and swiss cheese tend to have some higher levels of protein within.
If you don’t want cheese as a snack, you can pair it with other nutritional foods like apples, crackers, or tomatoes.

4. Crack More Eggs

Another food that is rich in protein is eggs. Best of all, you can incorporate eggs into various meals. Have an omelet for breakfast. Have a hard-boiled salad for lunch. Or try scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast for dinner.
Eggs are affordable and versatile, meaning you can prepare this protein-rich food in many ways.

5. Snack on Nuts

Another extremely nutritious food that is rich in protein is nuts – especially almonds. Not only are almonds packed with protein, but have a lot of fiber and healthy fats for your body to absorb.
Nuts are an easy snack to take on the go. You can also top Greek yogurt with nuts, use as a salad topper, or put it into baked treats like cookies or bliss balls.
Almonds are a great go-to snack to have access to you at all times because they are easy to travel with and fill you right up.

6. Drink Protein Shakes

As we’ve already mentioned, having protein powder shakes is a great way to increase your protein intake. There are so many different protein powders shakes that you can experiment with – and equally add in other essential foods like fruits and vegetables.
Protein powder shakes are also a handy meal to bring with you when you go to the gym. If you are doing a strenuous workout like lifting. Weights, a protein powder shake, will help your body replace what it has lost.
The best part about protein powder shakes is that you can create one that tastes just how you like it. We suggest experimenting with various flavors and recipes to decide which suits your taste buds best.

7. Eat More Meat

Of course, eating more meat is another excellent way to get more protein into your diet. But the trick here is to be mindful of the type of meat you get. Going for leaner game meat will help your body absorb the good stuff. It will also help your gut absorb all the other food you eat more efficiently.
You do not have to eat meat daily to increase your meat intake. But you should try to have meat for a meal at least a few times a week if your diet allows you to do so.


The first step to increase your meat intake is to chat with your doctor or nutritionist about these seven ideas.


Jacob Maslow