Online dating has as many fans as opponents. Some people are just delighted with the option of meeting a potential partner online, while others don't fancy it and feel uncomfortable getting to know someone just via messages or video calls.

However, even the most skeptical people will agree that online dating resembles marketing. Why? It's all about the profile — the photo, the "about me" section, and its impression on the reader.

Therefore, creating a profile for an online dating platform needs to be well-thought. As not everyone is an expert in the online dating world's jungle, we provide a quick guide on how to improve the attractiveness of your online dating profile quickly. Many dating sites provide suggestions themselves - you can find them on Badoo, or Beyond Ages.

Choose an Appropriate Picture

We all judge by appearances - no matter if we want it or not. That's why an appropriate, well-chosen photo is so important in online dating. Your photo embodies everything you want to say to a potential "buyer" - make no mistake, what people are buying is nothing more than your at-a-first-glance persona, and the currency is their time and effort. It is an aspect of the profile which attracts the attention first.

How to choose a good photo for a dating app? Of course, it doesn't have to be a professional one, but it's good to invest in the picture's quality.

Try to make it look relaxed and natural - a CV-like photograph will look simply artificial and too formal. Think of choosing a picture that really represents you - maybe while you're doing your hobby or in your favorite café? Try to look at yourself through the eyes of the people you'd like to get to know. How would you like them to see you?

What to avoid in choosing a dating app photo? Pictures with others, for example, friends, will not be seen well because people won't know which person is you. Also, don't put controversial or abusive photographs online. They may be funny, but the internet remembers everything, and you can be sure to see the embarrassing pictures somewhere later on. to read more on how a good profile picture should look, have a look here.

Describe Yourself!

When it comes to dating apps, personal descriptions are just as important as photographs. 'Nobody reads descriptions', you may think, but in fact, you couldn't be more mistaken!

A description is a place on a dating app where you can say basically anything about you. It's an equivalent of a simple 'Hello' that someone would hear on the street in the offline world. Why not use it to maximize your chances of getting noticed, then?

How to write a good description for dating? Well, there's no universal recipe for that. Simply try to express yourself. Think of some words, a quote, or a phrase that describes you best. It can be short, witty, or funny - there are no boundaries of being serious!

Again, simply be yourself. Are you a music fan? Great, then put some of your favorite lyrics in the description box. Do you love sports? Then, a few words about it will look great in the 'about you' section. To find examples of profiles and descriptions that are worth following, click here.

Personal descriptions on dating apps are also perfect conversation starters. You can include some things you'd like to develop or be asked about. Also, it's a good place to share your preferences about potential partner. Don't go into detail, though. And don't be too strict and demanding - remember, it's only dating, it should be fun!

Make Use of Extra Options (and to Text First)

Some dating apps facilitate getting to know each other online by introducing some additional functions to the users. For example, these are sharing other social media profiles, linking your account to Spotify or Instagram.

These can be great options to boost the credibility of your profile and make people notice you. Don't be afraid of revealing a little more about yourself - it can surely repay in the future! To read more about the new functions of dating apps, click here.

What's more, don't be scared to text someone first! A song or a photo on their profile may be a starting point for initiating conversation. Just make use of this knowledge and ask a question about it. You can also make a link to your favorite things. Just get creative, use all the info you have, and go ahead.


Online dating may seem a real challenge. Getting through the jungle of all these faces, profiles, descriptions, simply to find a soulmate appears to be tiring and difficult.

However, a well "marketed" profile will make the whole affair more clear, targeted and fun.. The more information you give, the more you're likely to get what you want. If you seem open and easy-going, you'll attract similar people. Just don't be afraid to take new steps, relax, and… wait for new messages and matches!


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