One of the greatest burdens human beings carry is their fear of the unknown. Since life is completely unpredictable and full of ups and downs, people always wish to know what lies ahead in their future. This fear is what fuels our quest for answers. In this modern age, many people now turn to psychics to get answers to their pressing questions. The idea has become quite popular in recent years, which gave fraudsters and charlatans the opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals by pretending to be psychics. Here’s how you can avoid them and get the best possible psychic reading.

Understand What a Psychic Does

In order to avoid fraud psychics and get a good reading, you should first understand the nature of a psychic’s work to determine whether they’re legit or not. Many people step in the process, thinking a psychic will tell them their fortune or perform some magical spells that will give them what they want. However, the true nature of a psychic’s work is giving you answers to some of the unanswered questions you have about your life. Whether they concern your career, relationships, or family, a psychic will use their heightened perceptual abilities to give you the closure you need.

Use Reputed Websites or Apps

Where you choose your psychic from plays an important role in the quality of the reading, you will get. The first step towards getting the best psychic reading is searching for a reputable website or app. Since they’re all over the internet now, make sure you choose a platform that is powered or recommended by a known entity with easily accessible customer service representatives. An ideal website would have filters for types of readings, reviews, rankings, and the methods their psychics usually use. Make sure you avoid psychics from Facebook Marketplace ads, unsolicited emails, or sites like craigslist. 

Check their Profile

There are certain signs and red flags regarding spotting psychics that are fraudsters and charlatans that you can reveal from the start. Once you’ve chosen an online psychic reading platform, browse through psychics’ profiles to examine whether they seem legit. The first sign would be that they use their real photo rather than an avatar. Their description of themselves and their services could also reveal plenty. For example, a real psychic would not boast their fame and would instead write from experience. They wouldn’t make promises of fortune or love and generally exaggerate their abilities. Even if you’re searching for cheap psychic readings, try to choose profiles that seem educated, enthusiastic, and genuinely sincere in helping people.

Read Reviews

If you choose a good enough online platform for psychic readings, there would be a dedicated, unedited section for ratings and reviews for each psychic. Like any product or service you’re about to try, reading reviews from other customers can be very insightful and helps you make your choice of a psychic. Look for comments about their methods, honesty, and overall experience. Don’t fall for exaggerated reviews from clients who might have just written it right after the reading with all their excitement and heightened emotions. You’ll find that even the top-rated psychics have negative reviews, but in this case, you should dig deeper and go through several other reviews and their social media to evaluate their overall professionalism.

Ask them Questions

Who says that a good psychic reading entails them asking all the questions? In fact, you need to prepare a set of questions to ask your psychic before proceeding to do a reading. First, you should express your needs, and what you wish to gain from the reading, then you should ask them questions about their methods. Their answers can help you determine whether they’re truly knowledgeable about the different methods used by mediums for psychic readings. Some of the methods you might hear for an answer are Western or Vedic astrology, Tarot or Angel cards, rune casting, spirit connections, the crystal ball, and more. During the session, whether you’re doing the reading by phone, chat, video conference, or face-to-face, you have every right to interject and ask whatever’s on your mind, within reason, of course.

Pay Attention to How they Speak

During your reading, and to ensure you’re getting a good one, you need to listen to the way they’re speaking to you. Fraud psychics usually give what is known as a ‘cold reading’ which is when they try to get you to say things about yourself then reinterpret it to you in a different way, making you think they’re legit. These readings are usually broad and could apply to anyone, like saying ‘you’ve experienced sadness or disappointment’, which anyone can relate to. Pay attention to whether they’re giving you vague readings that leave you more confused or detailed ones that resonate with you. At the same time, you don’t want a psychic who keeps rambling the whole session without taking the time to listen to what you have to say.

Compare their Hits and Misses

It’s natural for any psychic to make errors while making predictions about your life or answering the questions you came to them with, even the most legit ones. However, constantly missing major details and having completely off predictions is an indicator they may be fraudsters. To make sure you get the best reading, stay alert and compare their hits and misses to find out if they’re the right choice or not. If they keep making random guesses that are more of a miss than a hit, it’s time to find a new psychic.
Now that you know how to get the best psychic reading while avoiding frauds and charlatans, all that’s left to do is start your search! The research part is extremely important to avoid scammers, which is crucial because the person you choose will get to know many personal details about your life. Once you finally have everything sorted out, all you need to do is keep an open mind throughout the session. While it’s important to be cautious, you mustn’t be too skeptical; otherwise, you might miss out on the experience altogether. Remember that you might not get the outcome you were hoping for, but you’ll still gain useful insights if you choose a professional and honest psychic.


Daria Brown