Words with Friends is an online multiplayer game developed by the game’s manufacturers of Newtoy. The game, similar to Scrabble, but not connected to or developed by the manufacturers of Scrabble, is a word-guessing game. The game is a crossword styled puzzle; the rules are also very similar to Scrabble. Forty games can be played at one time by alternating between push-tabs that notify the player when their turn is up. It is a game that has become incredibly popular over the last decade – and one that hours of joy can be derived from.
In times like our own, fraught with angst and fear, with many of us forced to stay indoors to prevent further spread of the dreadful COVID-19 virus, there has never been a better time to play a light-hearted, fun, and educational game. If you have been suffering from all of the time spent indoors, look no further than this page, for this page will tell you how you can dominate your friends when it comes to playing Words with Friends, and have a lot of fun. Here is how to dominate your opponents in Words with Friends.

Start With a Strategy

When playing Words with Friends – it never hurts to have a strategy. If you can plan ahead, for example, you have some letters that can be used to form a high-value word, then be on the look-out for the other letters to complete the tile. Do not, of course, forsake your game because you are obsessively hunting for the letters to complete the word. Strategy can be a great way to dominate your opponents when you play Words with Friends – as many people do not plan ahead. If you plan ahead, you will most certainly come out on top.

Word Services

This is a slightly underhanded technique and method of coming out on top of your opponents while playing Words with Friends, but one that, if you do not mind ‘using teh alternative ways’, can be a great way to win. Using this cheat can be a fantastic and easy way to dominate your opponents every single time. As soon as you have a series of letters, run them through the service, and the word service will rearrange them into words that you may not have been able to think of. These services are great for winning but must be used moderately – otherwise, the game provider may realize something is a foul and restrict your usage of the game.

High-Value Tiles

With high-value tiles, it is best you save them for words that are double and triple lettered. You can also place them on there to make two words at the same time. It is very important you do this so that you can make the most amount of points – otherwise, you will end up wasting your points. Aim for only high-value tiles every single time you play so that you can truly dominate your opposition and come out on top of every single game.

Short Words

Short words are also a way of slowly dominating your opponents – point by point. Words with Friends offers you much more freedom when it comes to the words that you use. You can use musical notes, and letters from the Greek alphabet – both of these can be a very innovative and strategic way to win your game. It is far easier to form smaller words in Words with Friends than it is longer ones, so be on the look-out for any small words in your letter line-up. Don’t, of course, forsake high-value words for smaller ones, however.

Defensive play

When people are playing Words with Friends, they tend to be on the attack. You should always play defense, especially if your opponent is an experienced and good quality player. You must block all of their opportunities to play high scoring words – as well as not leaving openings for them to get high scores on their next turn. Playing defensively is a fantastic way to ensure that you come out on top every single time that you play Words with Friends. Be sure to be on the consistent defense and never give your opponents the opportunity to trump you.

Expand Your Vocabulary

Studying and learning the English language through reading dictionaries – and just all-around leisurely reading – is a great way to become better at Words with Friends. As these games are word-based in origin, you will need a good grasp and understanding of the English language (or the language in which the game is based). New words are added all the time, so keep up to date, too. Study and learn the language so that you will be better equipped to defeat anyone who should come your way on the board. Reading the dictionary, thesauruses, and research papers is a great way to start.
Now, thanks to this page, you know how you can dominate your opponents on Words with Friends, a popular internet game, every single time. Word games are great for your long- and short-term memory and improve brain function. Why waste any more time? Get playing today!


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