Men and women choose a car based on completely different aspects. Men will give their preference to a powerful and reliable car, while women are the last to pay attention to the technical side of the car, sometimes choosing by color, size and general appearance. That is why choosing a car for a woman can be difficult. Let's talk about what parameters are important when choosing a car in addition to the exterior.


One of the most important factors: the availability of reliable active and passive protection. The main elements of protection should be: seat belts, airbags and an ABS system. For convenient parking, you can also get a parking sensor.


If it is difficult to drive a car with mechanics, then it is better to find a brand with an automatic transmission. For the price, such a car, of course, differs from the mechanics, but in conditions of traffic jams and traffic lights, it is difficult to be distracted by gear shifting.

Power steering

In order for the ride to be comfortable, power steering is needed. 


Pay attention to the clearance between the road surface and the bottom of the machine. This is necessary in order not to stay on the lying police or railway tracks. Usually, the ideal clearance is determined by the bumper. When parking, a medium-sized curb should pass under the bumper of the car.

Front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive?

From the point of view of cross-country ability and controllability, of course, in the first place are urban SUVs or the so-called "SUVs" with a plug-in all-wheel drive. After all, we have snowy winters and it is not always possible to drive a small car with front-wheel drive in a couple of places. The all-wheel drive system will help to cope with difficult road conditions and not get stuck in an unfamiliar place.
Rear-wheel drive will be more difficult to control, especially in the winter. Without an intelligent system of directional stability, with inept work with the gas pedal, the car can skid in a turn, or even worse, lead to an accident. Undoubtedly, you need to be careful on any car and at any time of the year, but we do not recommend taking a car with rear-wheel drive. 
Therefore, it is better to choose cars with all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. Such a car will be easier to drive.


One should not forget about such an important aspect as fuel consumption. When choosing a car with a large engine capacity, remember that it will also consume more fuel. Especially in urban traffic jams. From the point of view of the economy, such a machine is not profitable.

Parking assistance

If you have been driving for some time, you most likely already understand whether it is worth spending money on parking sensors or not. In urban conditions, it is not so easy to park. More and more people are installing a parking assistant for themselves, this is done with the aim of safely leaving or entering, so as not to damage their car or someone else's.
Climate control
If the temperature in the cabin is important to you, then you should think about climate control.


If you've ever used an exotic car rental Dubai, you know what real comfort is. It is important to choose a salon in which it would be convenient both in color and in functionality. Determine the comfort of your hands on the steering wheel, the distance to the pedals, the height of the ceiling, whether the dashboard is in the center of visibility. The comfort of the chair must also be taken into account. Check the adjustment range and planting levels. 


When choosing a large car, remember that not all dimensions can be viewed in small mirrors. And, as you know, parking is not always an easy task. Mid- and full-size sedans are most often recommended as the first car. It is best to choose a car from class "A" or "B".


It is known that women are more likely to choose bright colors. Women often choose a color that will be found in the parking lot among other cars and will stand out in the city traffic. And it’s true, among gray cars of “metallic” color, it is difficult not to notice a bright yellow car.

Going to buy

If, after all the disputes, weighing the pros and cons, the mass of information read, a you still decide to buy a car, then the criteria by which you must choose will be as follows:
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Final words
If you are already an experienced driver and are thinking of changing the car, then of course you will pay attention to both the external and internal characteristics. First of all, you should sit in the car and evaluate how you feel in the car. Remember what sensations were in the previous car, feel the size of the new car to be confident behind the wheel.


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