It's almost our day! International Women's Day is coming up and while we think you should celebrate yourself every day, International Women's Day is a great opportunity to reflect on being a woman while celebrating our achievements. This day is also all about uplifting the women in your life, community and even women you don't know personally. You see, we're much stronger together and we believe that when you uplift another woman, you empower yourself. 
International Women’s Day takes place on March 8 and it was created in 1908 when 15,000 women protested for their rights in New York. In today’s day and age, this day is a chance for us to celebrate all women while continuing to fight for equal rights. And while it is important to celebrate women on this day, we also believe that you should always be celebrating yourself, as well as empowering the women around you every single day.
From supporting your favorite women's boutique to volunteering your time, we have assembled a couple of activities you can take part in on International Women's Day that are sure to move the needle forward and uplift women everywhere. 

Treat Yourself First

You know the saying, “You can only fill someone else's glass if yours is full.” That's why we think it's important for you to treat yourself this International Women's Day and, really, every day. But especially during this special occasion, it's important to recognize your own achievements and build yourself up. Women often underplay their achievements, while also being unnecessarily harsh on themselves. So let’s turn over a new leaf! We think today is a great day to start treating yourself to your favorite dinner, uninterrupted book-reading time or a spa day. And if you want to empower even more women on your self-care day, order dinner from a women-owned restaurant or visit a woman-owned spa. It's important to support women entrepreneurs and business owners every day, but especially on International Women’s Day.

Support Brands That Lift Up Women

As we mentioned above, it's important to put your dollars behind things you actually support and believe in, like women-owned businesses or strong, female-led brands. Whether you are looking for boutique clothing, beauty products or tech gadgets, there are plenty of brands that were made with you in mind. Women-owned businesses and companies exist to improve the lives of women everywhere, so when you support companies like this, you are really supporting yourself and other women, too. It’s a win-win!

Donate or Volunteer

Is there a certain cause, initiative, charity or organization you believe in—like Girls Who Code or Girls in Tech—or maybe you like to volunteer at your local women's shelter? Either way, dedicating some of your time on International Women's Day by empowering young girls or helping women who are in need is a great way to make sure you're giving back. Empowered women empower women!  

Dress It Up

There is nothing better than putting on an outfit you feel fabulous in. So for this occasion, we think you should get dressed in your favorite outfit. Style empowering graphic tees with your favorite quotes on them and add a statement blazer or coat for a chic look. There are a million strategies on how to style graphic tees that will have you feeling like a boss babe!

Host a Virtual Party for Your Girl Squad 

While we love the idea of empowering people outside your own circle, chances are that your own circle of women needs you, too. So band together with your girl gang and plan a fun and virtual–or in-person–event where you all celebrate and support each other. You can play virtual games or do a gift exchange. Either way, it should be all about the ladies and making sure everyone feels heard and supported! 

Offer Mentorship

There are a lot of young women who are looking to make a name for themselves in certain industries. And it could be really beneficial for young women to make strategic connections, while also learning from someone who's doing the work in their desired field. On International Women's Day, you can always offer up mentorship or take time to share your knowledge with other women. Whether you go live on Instagram and share some tips or you decide to coach someone one-on-one, this is a great way to empower women and help them advance their careers. 

Brush Up on Your History

If you want to take a deeper dive into feminism or other women-led movements that helped propel women forward, check out or buy books written about these topics by women authors. You never know what you could learn and how it will enrich your life and perspective going forward. 

Honor the Women in Your Life

If you're the thoughtful and gift-giving type, you might want to plan something out that recognizes the women in your life. Whether it be your mother, grandma, guardian, a teacher or your friend, it will surely brighten someone’s day to receive a call from you, a handwritten card or a thoughtful gift on International Women’s Day. 

March in Solidarity

If your local community is marching (virtually or in-person) or gathering to fight for equal rights, you should show up. By being there, it helps your community feel supported. Movements like these are the very reason why we have come so far as a community today. Whether it’s a virtual march or a socially-distanced one, your support shows when you show up.
So, if you need to celebrate yourself on this day or you want to celebrate on a greater scale with all the women in your life, International Women's Day is a great day to put down on your calendar. You and the women in your life, community and friend groups absolutely deserve to feel celebrated—not just today, but every day! Happy International Women’s Day! 


Clara Rose