Statistically speaking, you will be involved in at least one car accident in your lifetime. While there is no proven formula to avoid car accidents altogether, there are a few things you can do to reduce your chances of causing a collision. Implementing safer driving habits and investing in better safety features is crucial when trying to keep your car and the precious cargo it contains safe.
There are more than 46 rear-end car accidents in the city of Atlanta on a daily basis (Source: Are you trying to steer clear of rear-end collisions? If so, check out the helpful information below.

Give Other Cars Plenty of Room

More than six million people are injured in car accidents in the United States annually. If your car is rear-ended, you may experience trauma to your neck or back. These types of injuries are hard to diagnose, and even harder to recover from. Rather than waiting until you are involved in a rear-end collision, you should start taking precautions now to avoid these accidents. One of the best ways to avoid rear-ending another vehicle is by leaving plenty of room between your vehicle and the cars around it.
When approaching a red light, you should always leave about three car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you. If you are waiting this far back, the chances of a rear-end collision occurring are significantly reduced.

Put the Mirrors on Your Vehicle to Good Use

Modern cars are equipped with tons of safety equipment. While technology has provided consumers with fancy gadgets such as back-up cameras, most people prefer using a standard mirror when backing up or parking. One of the best ways to make your driving safer for everyone around you, is by putting the mirrors on your car to good use.
Glancing up on occasion to see what is behind you, or to see if it is safe to change lanes is crucial. Getting in the habit of using your car’s mirrors regularly can help you see when danger is heading your way. Changing your bad driving habits will take time, but the effort you invest will definitely be worth it.

Don’t Take Your Focus Off the Road

When driving long distances, a person’s mind can wander. The longer you are behind the wheel of a car, the harder you will find it to avoid boredom from setting in. The worst thing you can do when trying to alleviate this boredom is to look at your phone or make a call. If all of your attention is not on the road ahead, accidents are bound to happen.
Millions of accidents occur each year as a result of distracted driving. Glancing down at your phone for even a second can lead to accidents occurring, especially rear-end collisions. Not only is this activity dangerous, it can also lead to you getting big fines. This is why you need to put your phone away while you are driving, and avoid pulling it out until you have arrived at your destination.

Put Your Focus on Safety

Now that you know more about how to avoid rear-end collisions, it is time to put this knowledge to work. Taking stock of how well you drive is just the first step in getting safe behind the wheel. Working on the bad driving habits you have is the only way to eventually conquer them. 


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