Technology is the basis of our lives in the present world. Without its influence, we seem to be in the dark. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media handles have taken over the world by their sheer popularity and technological advancement has reached new zeniths. Video games are no longer filled with bad quality graphics and the experience is smoother than ever before with consoles, Dolby audio and more. 
Moreover, you get to play anytime and anywhere on just your mobile phones. Who would have thought 20 years back that we would progress to a high speed internet that would connect the world and turn it into a global village easily? For musicians and music lovers, technological advancements also mean more reach in their fanbase, greater composing ease, no more analog tapes or rewinding cassettes and a host of other advantages. 
In this article, we will discuss the different fields that technological advancements have affected in a clear and concise manner. 

Tech and Music - The Ultimate Chemistry

Music in today's digital age is intricately linked to technology on a whole different level. Advancements in technology have not only improved the quality of the music you receive, turning from stereo to Dolby Digital Audio Systems, but has also made music way more accessible than ever before, with several streaming services available just to listen to music. These include popular favourites such as Spotify, YT Music, Milk Music and so on, which not only provide an easier and cheaper way for everyone to access music via digital platforms but also give independent and new musicians a platform to showcase their talent. 
Starting off with compact discs which were a turning point in the music industry for their cheaper burning value, now, with the digital age, you no longer have to use MP3 technology to download music online, but just download an app that will allow you to listen to any song you want, without downloading a single one. Innovative music composition is another perk of the technological hit to music industries. Software based musical technology including virtual computerized instruments and MIDI technology have enabled musicians to create and programme millions of sounds in many more complicated ways than ever before, leading to tech savvy musicians making the best out of the system. 

The Futuristic Touch in Movies and Television 

Who would have thought that in 2021, the media world would end up online with video streaming services making the best of all the space created by technological advancements in the field of movies, television and more. Expected to reach a whopping $223.98 billion By 2028, the online  video streaming system has technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence backing it up more than ever before to reach thousands of consumers. OTT platforms have been the highest revenue grossers and this is all because of technologies such as 3G, 4G and LTE. 
The other technological advancements that have shaken up the movies and television worlds include the voice recognition technology on remotes such as Alexa and so on which bring you all the best from the video streaming platforms through a customized and personalized user experience.

Technological Uprising in Gaming 

From the first computer game called Computer Space created by Nutting Associates in 1972, video games have come a long way. Arcade games were very popular in the 1980s with average quality graphics and extreme buffering being the cons, but people chewed them up anyway. With the advances in technology, it has seen a steady decline. Arcade games also include casino games like table card games, slot machine games and so on. 
Most casinos in Europe have shifted to their online counterparts now. These include countries like Italy, Finland and so on. Finnish casinos like Betnero so on, especially, have the immensely popular livekasino (live casino) games which take the help of Augmented Reality and 3D Graphics to give you a land-based casino experience right from your room. Slot games also utilize the RNG or Random Number Generator technology to make sure that the game is Provably Fair for all players. Without the technology to hold it afloat, it would never have been possible to bring all games, casino or otherwise to mobile phones, to be played anytime and anywhere. 

Betting and Technology - An Awesome Deal 

Technological advancements have flooded even the sports betting markets with bookmakers moving mainly to the online mode, with several shifting to the 5G service for faster betting procedures. With 5G, the bet can be placed within seconds! Moreover, the VR and AI systems are in place in sports betting now, with in-play betting and a series of AI powered sports betting matches being held to bring bettors in even during the off seasons. 

Social Media Savvy or Not? 

3D Bitmojis, AR or Augmented Reality ASMR Food Reels, Instagram Influencer videos, Small Businesses - these are just some of the major ways in which social media has been affected by technological advancements. The world has truly turned into a global village, with faster connectivity and very high quality videos that push up brands and provide several people with the opportunity to work closely with multi million dollar empires. 
Altogether, technological advancements have had a lot of merits and demerits in the industries mentioned above. But, one thing is for sure- technology has changed industries like never before, leading the way to progress and a better future. 


Siarra K