The ways we brew our coffee now are quite similar to how our ancestors used to make it. Of course, we have inserted many technological aspects into what used to be done only by hand. We have also discovered new ways one can brew coffee at home. However, the core principles of coffee making remained mainly untouched. Though, can we say the same about the coffee machines? They have come a long way since they had risen in popularity just about ten years ago. The tech world has been witnessing constant changes, transformations, and improvements. The design and functions of coffee machines did not become an exception to that technological progress. Let’s see how coffee machines have changed over the past ten years. 

A brief history of espresso machines

Have you ever wondered when the first coffee machine was invented? Well, I’ll give you a tip. It was right in the middle of the highest popular coffee beverages in Europe. No? Okay, it was at the end of the 19th century! I know, this seems like an absolutely crazy idea. Nevertheless, it is true. The first coffee machine was invented in Europe, Italy (of course) as a follow-up to the big coffee boom. At that time, everyone was drinking coffee, regardless of class or profession. It was a pretty large machine that operated on steam. However, that invention became the ancestor of the espresso machine that you quite likely have in your kitchen. 

Ten years prior now

The years have passed, the electricity appeared, the technologies progressed immensely. The last major changes in the world of coffee machines happened as far as in the 1960s. Still, the espresso machines have been greatly modified over the last ten year to fit the needs of the growing market. First, the growing popularity of coffee shops showed the consumers the wide variety of coffee drinks they can have. Over the past decades, people have grown to love drinks like cappuccino and latte. Hence, espresso was not the only drink people want to receive from their espresso machine. They wanted to be able to make their favorite coffee drinks with milk at home. 
Thus, the majority of coffee machines now come with the option of foaming and steaming the milk. The coffee culture was changing, and the developers needed to respond to the demand. Of course, the design of machines has also faced a lot of changes over the last ten years. For one, things like LCD screens or touchscreens are more than common in the newest models. These are sort of to be expected, to be precise. LED notifications are also widely spread in espresso machines. People seem to love when the machines communicate the work with all kinds of technologies, including the lights. Most modern machines also allow full customization of the process, from temperature to even self-cleaning options. 

Coffee in capsules

The latest invention in the world of coffee is the one made by a Swiss inventor who put coffee into capsules. He created a whole new coffee machine that operates on even more automatic regimes than a regular espresso machine. The advantages of this technology are obvious. First of all, capsules allow the mess-free process of coffee making. You don’t need to bother with beans at all. There is no grinding or even touching of the beans involved. The coffee comes to you in a pod, which you simply insert into the machine. Next thing you know, coffee is pouring right into your cup. 
The disadvantages of this method, though, are quite noticeable. First, the foil cups that are used for coffee capsules are not disposable. Hence, any coffee lover creates a lot of unnecessary waste that could easily be avoided with a regular espresso machine. Also, it is hard to tell what coffee beans are in there. Are those pods full of the best costa rica coffee beans, or is there a mixture of all the scraps left at the roasting place? It is easier to enjoy your coffee when you feel in control of what you are making. 

The bottom line

Coffee machines have been around for so long that they have become a part of our culture and kitchen. Even though developers are constantly looking for ways to improve those machines, that has rarely anything to do with coffee. Thus, many people still prefer simple top rated coffee makers under 40 than an expensive device that does all the work for you. Many coffee lovers love to work for their drink of choice. They like messing with the coffee beans. Love being in control of the process, calculating every step. Coffee can be more than a sip of energy in the morning. It can be a beautiful routine for beginning a productive day.


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