Cannabis is a peculiar and very generous plant, as recent studies have shown that it provides even more significant benefits than initially thought. Weed, with its main component, THC and CBD, helps with anxiety, insomnia, low appetite, nausea, and pain. And it boasts several other benefits that might be of particular interest to women.

More than 45% of cannabis users are women, though the exact figure remains shrouded in smoke since more than 66% of women hide their cannabis use. Apart from getting high, women are also becoming increasingly interested in other cannabis products.

Now, we're not talking about joints pre-rolled in pink paper with decorative gray bunnies, and sunflowers. We're talking about high-quality beauty and wellness products, infused with cannabis and CBD, like lotions and skincare.

Unfortunately, the workplace environment still hasn't caught up with the innovative beauty standards and relaxing properties of recreational, medical, and cosmetic use of marijuana. So, if you're someone who's using these CBD wellness products, or simply enjoying an occasional puff, you should be concerned about workplace drug testing.

Though it's highly unlikely that CDB-infused skincare products can trigger a red flag during a urinalysis, smoking weed most certainly can.

Beating a urine test

You know you're in trouble when you're facing a mandatory drug test, and you've indulged in some cannabis a few days before. Depending on how much time you have to prepare, this might or might not be a reason for concern.

There are two possible tests when it comes to urinalysis: the supervised or unsupervised test. Supervised tests are further classified according to types of supervision, and these are the direct observation, and monitoring.

If you're undergoing an unobserved sample collection, during which you have some privacy when producing the said sample, there are several solutions. You can either detoxify by using a high-quality detox product or use a synthetic urine sample. Either way, with a correct product, passing a drug test is pretty straightforward.

Detox is the best option for light and occasional smokers with low levels of drug metabolites in their system. By using high-quality detox pills and drinks, casual users can detoxify, and produce a clean sample in 24 hours.

However, if you're an every-day smoking weed enthusiast, then you have better chances of success using artificial pee. Artificial pee is great for unobserved sample collection, as you can easily swap your sample with a synthetic one. The only thing you need to pay attention to is heating and maintaining the correct sample temperature.

Beating an unobserved test using any of these products is straightforward, with pretty high chances of success. But some employers like to be on the safe side, and pay a little extra for more "rigorous" testing. Enter supervised tests.

Beating a supervised test

Submitting to a monitored test isn't a big deal if you detoxified correctly. But it can be tricky if you're using synthetic urine.

During monitored sample collection, the supervisor can't observe you in any way while you're producing a sample. He or she is only there to make sure you produce the sample and don't tamper with it. If you're caught tampering with the sample, the test is stopped, and you'll be required to produce a sample under direct observation.

You can still smuggle a synthetic urine sample into the stall, by using a urinator device. Urinator devices simulate sample production by using synthetic urine, and yes, they're made for women also. However, if you're undergoing a directly observed test, using synthetic urine and urinator devices is practically impossible, and you're left with only one solution - detox.

Beating a directly observed urine drug test

Before we explain how to overcome a directly observed drug test like a boss lady, let's discuss directly observed analysis for a moment.

During directly observed sample collection, you're directly watched as you're producing a urine sample, avoiding any sample adulteration. However, you can only be directly observed by the person of the same gender as yourself, without the presence of video cameras and mirrors.

The US Department of Transportation has the strictest set of guidelines when it comes to supervised sample collection. According to them, you're required to pull down your underwear to midthigh level and raise your clothes to above the navel. This determines whether or not you're concealing a urinator device or a substitute urine sample.

Getting caught wearing a urinator prosthetic, or hiding a substitute sample results with "test refusal." Refusing a drug test entitles your employer to terminate your employment, or deny you a job offer.

With synthetic urine out of the question, high-quality detox products offer the highest chances of successfully passing a directly observed sample collection.

To detoxify correctly, we advise you to adhere to the rules of natural detox and use high-quality detox pills or a detox drink. Here's how you do it:

The last resort

A doctor's notice is the only acceptable excuse to avoid drug testing. Go to your doctor, pretending that you're sick, and you might get a doctor's note relieving you from work, and thus, a mandatory drug test. You can use that time to properly detoxify, and submit to an observed test later when you're confident enough to produce a clean sample.


We conclude that women can pass a supervised drug test using some of the methods described in this article. It's up to you to determine what method suits you the best, based on how much weed you consume, and what type of supervised testing you're submitting to.


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