The crypto world has more than 15K of different currencies. The figure has overwhelmed crypto lovers, who do not have to worry about choosing the crypto in the market. There are many more investors who love the popular cryptos, and one of these includes Bitcoin. The popularity of Bitcoin seems to be on the higher side, and it will remain on the top for benign, the first and biggest crypto in the world. Virtual money barely needs any crypto in the world. We can see too many more cryptos in the market that can help diminish the cryptos. Bitcoin is moving high and rising. However, as an investor, you also want to propel the benefits and popularity of the cryptos. If you are new to Bitcoin trading, you may consider knowing about the Reasons to Care About Bitcoin Taproot.
Here we will have an overview of the topic:
The increasing popularity of Bitcoin 
Bitcoin is one of the known cryptos in the world. Its popularity is already at its peak. Any individual investor is not required to worry about boosting its popularity in the market. However, if you still want to do so, you can promote in your local circles, update your social media profiles, and keep abreast with the latest updates and news. You can find too many favorable stories from the investors that seemed to be betting a bit over crypto, thus making it into the mainstream of the topping option that goes to around 34K USD. It can help make it an excellent digital coin that can rise with time in 2021. Bitcoin's value seems unbeatable when we compare it with other digital coins. Even though it has gone down and reached 20K USD, the currency's value appears to have gone up at a faster pace. 
Popularity during Pandemic 
As the value of Bitcoin rises, it seems to have become a considerable debate between Bitcoin bears and bulls. We have seen the prediction for Bitcoin coming, and it is now getting accepted all over the country. We know the currency suffers a lot due to issues like volatility. It did even encounter some severe crashes, as seen in 2018. However, in the next few months, the coin price went high. During the Pandemic, we find that too many more cryptos are gaining a high price. It has even earned the dormancy that seemed to have remained a part of the game. When you choose the pace during early 2020, we have seen the top financial institutions like IMF suffer from the lockdown. However, it was interesting to see how the coin's popularity increased during the lockdown, particularly Bitcoin. So, it was the individuals who changed the currency in a big way. 
We now see the popularity of Bitcoin suffering a lot in the initial days, but when Covid hit, it went up without any expectations. The reasons were simple, and the individual investors came out to invest in it apart from the giant institutional investors in the market. During the year, we can find Bitcoin suffering a lot due to the huge blow, and 2018 had much more to offer in the given time. It also started picking in late 2021 and went close to 70K USD. Perhaps this speaks a lot about the popularity of Bitcoin, which kept on going up. However, 2022 did not prove better for Bitcoin as it started on a wrong note. The year witnessed the crash and gave the experts the best bet and solution. It fell in 2022, and finally, the currency came down to 20K USD, which made Bitcoin an all-time low in the market. 
Growing its popularity 
The growing fears among the investors are also one of the key reasons they cannot increase the popularity of Bitcoin in the market. Perhaps this is the crucial reason why a majority of people feel that the popularity of Bitcoin is going down. Generally speaking, the popularity of Bitcoin is often gauged by the increasing popularity of the coin. The higher the value, the better the market's popularity rate keeps going at a more excellent place. Therefore, it will keep increasing in the market, and many more are trying to find a viable choice to increase the currency's popularity. Thus we can see a rise and fall in Bitcoin's popularity as per the increase and decrease of its value. The more you invest in it, the better your contribution to the market. 


Siarra K