April is a big month for renewal, purification, taking the lead, and going after your heart's desires! After the first three months of 2021, we have seen major shifts around our psyche as we have cleared and moved through the dark night of the soul removing ancestral karma and healing roots of wounds that were holding us back in health, our relationships, and overall life wellness. 
This month we have the Sun in Aries kicking off the astrological new year and helping us to find our way again after a year full of darkness. Aries wants us to take action, be innovative, be bold and honor our inner yes! 
There is a rebalancing of the feminine and masculine within us and also the mind and body aspect that takes place as the Sun and Moon move into Aries. We will notice a shift in relationships as well, as this resparks energy in relationships and wipes the slate clean. You can no longer bring in older problems, wounds, or fears into your relationships, all that is asking to be cleared so that you can go deeper emotionally and higher in your relationships. 
With no planets in retrograde right now, we have green lights to launch projects, make a move, get into a relationship or even start a business... you have all that you need, get out of your own way. 
Sometimes we feel held back with retrogrades but right now with a new start in the energy and no planets in retrograde there can be a fresh excitement, but also fear as you are unsure of what steps to take or even how to get there, this is the time to tune more into your inner knowing and trust yourself, not to mention build up your mind and the version of yourself that you would like to become because after all Aries is known as the great “I am”. 
Mercury moves into Taurus helping us to reignite that inner prosperity, creativity and use our words to create more beauty in our life...This energy is helping us to speak and breathe in new life into our daily lives and to birth in more abundance with our words. You can curse or bless yourself with your tongue, so you might as well bless yourself. Not to mention, we say everything twice: once in our mind and second when we speak out loud, so notice what you say and why you say it and how is it helping or hurting your life? This is a time to do something that we have never done before and to believe in ourselves as we recreate our lives. Speak it into existence. Make your life beautiful!
This is a time to do something that we have never done before and to believe in ourselves as we recreate our lives. 
As Mercury moves into Taurus all of our fires and ideas start to balance out and take fruition in this earthly realm. What do you want to see in your life? What ideas need to start taking root?
This would be a great time to set intentions and do work around money manifestation. Mercury in Taurus activates our money sector and reminds us of our worth, values and that we literally can have it all...if we choose so! 
Venus moves out of Aries at the end of the month and into Taurus helping us to activate more of that money mindset and love we desire. We will see an alignment with our thoughts and actions when it comes to love, making money, vacations, and anything around the heart. Venus does sit with Uranus in Taurus so there could be some shake-ups in your life asking you to take more risks and do something different when it comes to investing in yourself and your money. This would be a good time to start investing in stocks, NFTS, crypto, and even more on things that will support your body like a meal plan or even maybe a different workout style. When you focus on yourself, inner self changes and our outer life has no other duty but to follow. Anytime you invest you will always see an investment.  
Mars will move into Cancer at the end of the month helping us to slow down and enjoy the fruits of our labor and remind us of what really matters. This energy is going to help us to focus on our home and rearrange our homes so that it can support us, maybe that means taking the mornings for you in silence, changing the household rules, or rearranging the furniture to bring in new energy. You will start to see your emotions shift as well and you could become more sensitive to your emotions and others. Emotions will come through such as outbursts, heart-to-heart conversations and even diving deeper into your own emotions that you have been hiding from yourself. This energy is asking you to face your heart. As emotions get high, remember to not take anything personally. 
Our hearts, minds, and relationships have taken a toll over the past year and this is where there will be a renewal taking place and you will see that in all reality everything had to happen in order for you to clear out old energy, thoughts, karma, stories, etc... so that you could finally have that fresh slate you desire! 
Open your heart as you get upgrades all throughout your life in April! 
This is not a time to slow down but rather a time to speed up and say yes to yourself!