Being somewhere on time is crucial for students. Especially if you have a part-time job, daily chores, and academic progress to pursue, mobility is everything. You can still look for alternatives to a car or choose a rental, but it is a question of efficiency and convenience. It takes an hour to get to another part of the city, when it’s only thirty minutes by car, for instance.
But wait, getting a car? Will it save you money? It’s still possible, even if it sounds complicated at first. If public transport is not an option for you anymore - then it's time to look for your first car. 
The search for the best car deal is not as easy as finding a cheap write my paper service, but it’s worth a try. It can take some time and dedication, and at the end of the day, it’s all about the best option. You have to prepare questions to ask the vendor and avoid falling for the common tricks that salespeople have on their sleeves. 

Do I Need a Car?

Don’t laugh at us. It is an important thing to consider. A car is not a luxury for many people - it is a necessity. Undoubtedly, many students need a car to be in several places at the same time. 

But is it a top priority?

If you are here, you are at least 50% sure you need a vehicle. But if you doubt or feel torn apart by several different purchases, list the stuff you need and prioritize it. Then you can weigh all the pros and cons to answer the question of whether the purchase is relevant at the moment. 
It is preferable not to mess around with loans. And if you need to take one, be careful and thoughtful with it. Of course, some deals are begging to be made. But it may impact your short-time plans, which may also lead to some long-term downfalls. 
If the purchase potentially can affect your life, then it’s worth thinking about more options than you already have. Be several steps ahead by seeing all possibilities and nuances. 

A Lease or an Auto Loan, Which is Better?

Leasing a car can appear more helpful in the situation when you need it immediately, and you have no budget to buy it. Leasing can give you extra time to save money and still have the mobility that you need. On the other hand, the lease can backfire if your dealership charges you extra by the end of your agreement. Therefore, you should be very careful with signing the lease contract. 
If you are far from having the total amount to pay it right away, you can check for auto loan possibilities. An auto loan can help you to build a good credit history or drag it to hell. Many people don’t want to have anything to do with loans. But if you approach it thoughtfully, it can be beneficial.

It’s All About the Car, Not a Brand

Buying a popular car brand can be costly and inefficient. If you have a possibility, of course you should stick with a brand you love. But in any case, you shouldn’t be chasing only the prestige of a logo and design. 
Take your time and make a checklist of what is an absolute must for you. We all give a preference to a car that suits our purposes and needs. While your needs are individual, some things should be researched, to name a few:
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Never undermine the aspects of safety and be extra attentive when asking about safety of the chosen model. Be one step ahead and research every question you would want to ask. 
When at a dealership, you should always run a test drive before purchasing a vehicle. You are encouraged to run a small test drive to feel comfortable in the driver's seat. Try to adjust your seat, check if the controls are within your reach, and if nothing blocks your vision. If something sticks or doesn’t respond, it’s better to address it before heading to check out. 
Ask the seller for a CARFAX report and an AutoCheck report - this can save you future troubles. The title history would reveal all records of the car: the rebuilding, odometer issues, and other details. 

Additional Costs

The place of your residence should also impact your decisions. For example, car parts should be available. Take into account all small and big details. At the same time, pay attention to costs of:
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You can fix and add everything you need, but remember that it should not exceed your budget or leave you in debt. 

Finding the Best Place to Shop

You can shop at a dealership or search websites. You should get familiar with the place thoroughly and what it has to offer you. If you are not sure, ask people who might know more about the nuances of the business. At this point, you should ensure that you would cooperate with a trustworthy seller.
This step is interchangeable with the previous tip of learning what you need in a car. As soon as you find a car you would like to buy, compare the offers and choose the best one for you. 

Wrapping Up

Getting your first car is a multi-step process, and it takes time to research the topic. Don’t rush yourself into any decisions, and trust your gut.


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