In 2014, when Bitcoin was still relatively new and unknown to the mainstream, Flipkart made headlines by becoming one of the first major companies to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. It was a big deal at the time, as it showed that Bitcoin was slowly but surely gaining mainstream adoption. Before anything else, people should learn how a beginner buys Bitcoin , aside from understanding what kind of crypto it is.
However, a year later, Flipkart backtracked on its decision and stopped accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. The company never gave an official reason for why they made this decision, but it's speculated that it was due to the volatile nature of Bitcoin's price.
Since then, there have been sporadic reports of Flipkart customers trying to use Bitcoin to pay for their orders, only to be rejected.

How will Bitcoin affect Flipkart and Blockchain Technology?

According to Assocham and PwC, online fraud in India is estimated to cost businesses around Rs. 11,400 crore annually. A considerable amount of money could be saved if e-commerce companies start using blockchain technology to track transactions and prevent fraud.
Lastly, another challenge that Flipkart and other e-commerce companies in India face is the competition from foreign players such as Amazon. 
Blockchain technology could help these companies reduce the costs of transactions and make it easier for customers to make payments. 
Thus, it is evident that Bitcoin and blockchain technology can disrupt the e-commerce industry in India. 

How Bitcoin is Revolutionizing eCommerce on Flipkart

It's no secret that Bitcoin is taking the world by storm. The cryptocurrency has been making headlines left and right, and its popularity doesn't seem to be waning anytime soon. 
And it's not just individuals who are taking notice – businesses are starting to see the potential of Bitcoin, too.
One of the biggest eCommerce platforms in India, Flipkart, has announced that it will start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. The company sells everything from electronics to clothes to home goods. And now, thanks to a partnership with Bitcoin wallet provider Zebpay, Flipkart will allow customers to pay for their purchases using Bitcoin.
Overall, the news from Flipkart is yet another sign that Bitcoin is slowly but surely gaining mainstream adoption. As more businesses start to take notice of digital currency, we could see even more adoption in the future. 

Why is Flipkart's acceptance of Bitcoin a game-changer for cryptocurrency in India?

Bitcoin has received considerable attention lately. The cryptocurrency has seen a meteoric rise in value over the past year, and its popularity looks set to grow. In India, however, Bitcoin adoption has been relatively slow. It is partly because there is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the legality of the currency.
First of all, it gives legitimacy to Bitcoin in many people's eyes. When a major company like Flipkart starts accepting the currency, it helps legitimize it in the eyes of the general public.
Secondly, it opens up a whole new market for Bitcoin. Now that the users can pay for their purchases with Bitcoin, many of them will likely start using the cryptocurrency.
Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, it could pave the way for other major companies in India to start accepting Bitcoin. It could lead to a domino effect, and we could see widespread adoption of Bitcoin in India within months.
The bottom line is that Flipkart's decision to accept Bitcoin is a game-changer for the cryptocurrency in India. It legitimizes the currency, opens up a whole new market, and could pave the way for widespread adoption.
The e-commerce giant Flipkart has been in the news lately for its involvement with Bitcoin. While it is still unclear what their exact relationship is, it seems that Flipkart is either very interested in Bitcoin or is trying to distance itself from the digital currency.
On the one hand, Flipkart has been looking into integrating Bitcoin payments into its system. On the other hand, it would be a massive boost for Bitcoin adoption in India, where Flipkart is the dominant e-commerce player.
On the other hand, Flipkart has also been linked to an alleged Ponzi scheme involving Bitcoin. While there is no concrete evidence linking Flipkart to this scheme, the association is enough to damage the company's reputation.
It is still too early to tell if Flipkart's ultimate relationship with Bitcoin. However, the e-commerce giant is paying close attention to digital currency. 


Siarra K