Have you ever wondered what your favorite star learned in college before making it big in the entertainment industry? If so, then you’ll definitely enjoy our article, as we spent a lot of our efforts on finding out who studied what before they were famous.
Looking at the background of different stars gives us a whole world of possibilities — what might’ve been in an alternate universe, where they didn’t become famous due to some reason. So, let’s venture on this journey and see this crazy world.

Big Shot Lawyer Instead of a Lovable Comedian

Rebel Wilson is the first on the list. Although she got first started properly in the entertainment industry with her role in a 2011 comedy “Bridesmaids,” her real popularity came with the 2012 hit movie “Pitch Perfect.” 
However, these things might’ve never happened because she was quite successful at studying law at the University of New South Wales. So, if Rebel Wilson’s entertainment career didn’t take off, she would be battling it out in the courtrooms, instead of comedy standups.

From a Complete Goof to a Seasoned Biologist 

Lisa Kudrow is a great actress — the character she portrayed on the highly popular TV show “Friends,” Phoebe Buffay (also known as Regina Phillangie), is a complete opposite to her. While Lisa is an intelligent woman that has successfully finished Vassar College in Biology, Phoebe is an absolute dunce and a weirdo. 
Well, if not for her role in the TV series, Lisa Kudrow would probably be working in a laboratory as a researcher instead of making literally millions of people laugh through her goofiness. We don’t know about you, but we can’t imagine anyone else playing Phoebe Buffay, so, thank god, that that isn’t our reality.

High Profile Hollywood Star? More Like a Teacher of English

Bradley Cooper always wanted to become an actor and make his name known in the entertainment industry. Even in the universe where he didn’t become a big-shot Hollywood star, he’d still be participating in plays and small-budget motion pictures during his time off from his main job. How can we be so sure?
Well, Bradley Cooper studied English at Georgetown University as a young learner. However, that was only because the university didn’t offer the Theater Arts program that he wanted so much. 
What’s worse, he had to study something he didn’t like without getting any help from an essay writing service, because this wouldn’t come for a year. So, most likely, this famous actor would probably have to become an English teacher in an alternate universe. 

Instead of an Incredible Actress — A Common Psychologist

Natalie Portman is an unbelievably successful person in the world of movie acting. Starting at the age of only 12, she played in numerous movies that later became their own staples of the genre, including Leon: The Professional, the Star Wars Saga, Black Swan, and so on. So, it’s incredibly hard to imagine a world without Natalie’s acting, but let’s do our best.
Whether you’ll be surprised or not, the woman was also highly successful in her academic achievements. She studied at Harvard to receive a degree in Psychology. So, even if she didn’t become one of the highest-paying actresses in Hollywood, she’d still be set with the stable job of a psychologist.

From Portraying to Actually Working as a Government Employee?

Amy Poehler is probably best known for her role in the incredible sitcom “Parks & Recreations,” where she portrays a klutzy and partially unsuccessful government employee trying to do something for her community. However, this reality isn’t so far stretched for Amy.
The comedian has actually received her college degree in Media and Communications from Boston College. So, there was an actual possibility of her working as a small-time, local government employee in her hometown — how peculiar is that?

An Eastern Religions Theologist Instead of Batman’s Love

Maggie Gyllenhaal got herself internationally known for her role in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. However, all the praise she received for the role could end up going to some other actress. As a young student, the actress was studying Literature and Eastern Religions at Columbia University. She received a bachelor’s degree and reportedly gave her all to studying the subjects. 

It’s Important to Enjoy Your College Studies

No matter who you’ll end up becoming far off into the future, you should try and get as much satisfaction as you can from the college experience. This experience usually happens only once in a lifetime for most people, so, who knows, you might find your own name in a similar article in the future.


Clara Rose