Dental professionals are dentists, dental hygienists, orthodontists and periodontists.  The dentist may be a general practitioner or specialist in one area of dentistry such as endodontics (root canal therapy), orthodontics (braces) or pediatric dentistry (children). There are many different reasons why people choose their dentist including location, hours of operation and insurance coverage to name a few. For some people it's about how they feel when they walk into the office; for others it's about who has the best reputation in town. We've put together some tips on what you should look for when choosing your dental professional.

Compare Dentist Near You By Looking Online

The first thing you want to do is find a dentist near you. You can use the internet to learn more and start checking out websites and reviews on local dentists in your area. If you know of someone who really likes their dentist, ask them who they use and why. After you've found a list of dentists in your area, take a look at their websites and see if they have any information about the services they offer. Do they have a list of their staff on the website? This is a good indication that they are proud of the team they have assembled. Oftentimes, you can find patient reviews and testimonials on a dentist's website.

Check Their Education and Experience

The next thing to do is check their education and experience. Dentists must complete a four-year undergraduate degree, four years of dental school, and another three to seven years in an accredited residency program. Residencies are important because they allow the dentist to gain the hands-on experience needed before becoming a practicing dentist. They must then pass both written and clinical exams administered by their state licensing board.

Take Their Credentials into Consideration

When you're searching for your ideal dentist, take their credentials into consideration. When you check out their website, does it list their education, board certifications and professional affiliations? The American Dental Association has a search option on their website that allows you to easily verify dental care professionals are licensed in the state they practice. You can also check with your insurance company before making your final decision because many of them have a system in place where they provide reimbursement for certain providers.

Take Insurance into Consideration

You don't want to choose a dentist solely because they accept your insurance. This is important, but it shouldn't be the deciding factor. We all know how frustrating dealing with insurance companies can be so you would need someone who is patient and willing to work with you.
Choosing a good dentist can be difficult because there is no one-size-fits-all. If you're looking for an expert to help guide your decision, we've put together some tips on what to look for and how to make the right choice based on your family's needs and preferences. We hope this article will give you the knowledge necessary to find a great dental professional that suits you and your needs.


Clara Rose