YouTube is a popular social media, and many people consider it an optimal choice for their blogging career. However, the modern level of competition in most niches is enormous, so users find it hard to promote the channel effectively. But knowing the most effective tips and tricks for that, you can easily avoid many rookie mistakes and become a known personality on YouTube. The key to popularity is the growing interest of the audience, hence getting more loyal subscribers is one of your primary goals on this social platform. Here you will discover the most useful techniques and tricks that will help you to attract more viewers to your videos and then turn them into your followers.

Is There A Way To Use Paid Services Effectively?

This question concerns many people who start their careers on YouTube. The common thought that crosses your mind is probably about bot farms, which are illegal, and, moreover, not useful for growth at all. But today you can buy 100 views or 1500 likes for YouTube promotion from real users at a cheap price. Such practices do not harm your progress on social media if you implement your purchase naturally in your strategy. You cannot just buy yourself some subscribers and do nothing. You have to make your purchase work, and continue to drive organic users to your account, keeping up the balance. 

Make Your Videos Search-Friendly

It is not a secret that a few years ago Google corporation bought YouTube and implemented it in their service system. After that happened, YouTube has become a part of a huge SEO system, and videos are now exposed in search results too. So, this feature is what can help you to get more attention to your content. Your goal is to meet the parameters that people type in on google, and that can be done with the help of keywords. The task is to infuse your videos with the most relevant terms that indicate your niche. You must enter them naturally in:
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Additionally, you should fill in the tags and select a category for your content. These actions help the system to categorize your content, and users identify your videos as the ones they were looking for. Thorough research will help you to find which words will be helpful for you - look at what the most popular bloggers of your niche are using and use that experience for your own ideas.

Set Up YouTube Defaults

This feature allows you to save certain settings for your upcoming uploads. The options you settled on will be applied automatically. That is automation that saves your time significantly. With this feature, you will not forget to add a call to action that would encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel, reproduce the default text and hashtags, etc. The configuration can be found in your channel settings named “Youtube defaults”.

Subscription String

This is a magic way that can increase your subscriber number effectively. It works when users visit your channel through the link. To enable subscription confirmation, add to the basic link to your channel e.g. “” the SML string ?sub_confirmation=1. It creates a pop-up window that offers users to subscribe to your channel immediately. Be careful with the magic string though. You should implement this trick only if users are already aware and interested in your content - use this technique in your blog with a relevant call to action. 

Customize Thumbnails

A small, but incredibly effective tool that helps to drive the attention of the user to your video. You have to realize that most niches have lots of similar content to offer, and your goal is to make your video more interesting and relevant for the viewer among others. And a thumbnail is what exactly triggers the attention of people who searched for content like yours. A well-done thumbnail is what motivates people to choose your video over many others. The idle size of the picture is 1280x720 pixels. But in reality, it is very small, keep that fact in mind. So here are the ground rules for a good thumbnail:
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Create Stunning Videos

An important factor that attracts users is the uniqueness of the content. Original videos can drive your growth effectively even if your strategy has flaws. So, before you actually launch your channel on YouTube, you have to think - what do you have to say to the world? And is it original and fresh enough for your target group to appreciate? Despite most bloggers following the same trends on social media, they all have a special charisma and original opinions which make them idols for many people. 
Another thing that definitely catches the interest of users is the technical quality of your videos, so if you have a budget, it will be a nice idea to shoot your content with top-quality tech. Gain some skills in editing software, to make your materials look better. 

Increase Your Engagement Rate

Of course, to get more people involved with your content, you have to entertain and communicate with them. Also, you have to provide valuable information to your viewers, in any form you like. The best content obviously is the one that is both entertaining and informative, so try to increase the value of your videos with the combination of these two factors. 
Of course, you should balance your content range between burst and evergreen videos. Burst materials will handle the task of attracting new audiences, and at the same time having videos that are not dependent on recent trends and time will help you to retain the viewer, basically forcing them to subscribe in order to catch up with your content.

Keep Up Your Uploading

To gain new viewers and subscribers continuously, you should set up a frequent schedule for the video uploading. Develop a plan that suits you, so you can effectively create new episodes and have time for rest. The usual frequency of releasing new videos for beginners is once a week, but you should work to increase it up to three videos a week. But, although most users are sensible about the planned release, many things can be forgiven if you provide top-quality material that is worth waiting for. However, you should still optimize your work to shorten the process of creation. 

Create A Channel Trailer 

A trailer is a video that is purposed to encourage users to follow your channel. It will be placed on the main page of your channel and will be playing automatically, feeding up the interest of your visitors. Include the most reliable and useful information in your trailer, giving viewers a clear understanding of what they should expect from your content. But keep it short - something up to one minute will perfectly do. Leave some intrigue for them.

Watch For New Trends

If you want to fascinate more users, you should follow what’s hot on the platform, and in your industry. If you will be one of the first to present your audience with the latest news, it will definitely improve your rating. Both the audience and the system will acknowledge you as a most reliable source of information - or as the most fun account. 


Gaining more subscribers on YouTube cannot be easy, because the trends and interests of the audience constantly change and evolve. Nevertheless, you don’t have to speculate on the most popular trends to keep up with the preferences of the audience. Users highly appreciate original thoughts and creative ideas from the new bloggers. If you want to capture the love of many, use what you can do best, and do it in your favorite manner. 


Clara Rose