Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, unconfirmed in 2009. Bitcoin was inspired by several other digital currency models present in the marketplace at that instance. Bitcoin uses some technologies present before bitcoin, such as proof of work and intelligent contracts.
 Before releasing bitcoin, the inventor made some announcements on the mailing list, including working in an electronic system complexed on a complete peer-to-peer network.
 In January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first ever block, named a genesis or zero blocks. After one week, he released the first-ever software of bitcoin and then mined the second block or block1.
You might know that bitcoin is capped with a limited supply, and to balance the bitcoin supply, an event was introduced named bitcoin halving. There are websites that teach what you should know about bitcoin investment before buying and it can help you in availing profitable results in your crypto trading journey. There are several speculations of bitcoin halving, impacting the bitcoin value. Here is an utter portion demonstrating whether bitcoin halving influences the value of bitcoin or not; let's have a look. 
What is Bitcoin Halving?
Bitcoin is availed by a computerized progression named mining. Bitcoin mining rewards bitcoin miners with the block reward when they verify the transactions by contributing computing capital. The number of bitcoin units availed by the miner after confirming the transaction at the very first instance is named block reward.
 The current block reward of bitcoin mining is 6.25 units, but it was not 6.25 bitcoin units since the beginning. Bitcoin halving is a leap year event that decreases the block reward of bitcoin mining by half after every four years. The Block reward of bitcoin mining at the first instance was 50 units, and subsequent to the recent block reward halving, the block reward of bitcoin mining is 6.25 units.
Why is Bitcoin Halving Essential?
As established ahead, bitcoin is subjected to a capped supply which means only a limited number of bitcoin units can be availed as a block reward. The collection of bitcoin is restricted to 21 million units. Therefore, the supply of bitcoin would have been terminated till now, devoid of bitcoin halving, and we would not have witnessed such gigantic growth of bitcoin. 
You might be familiar with the fact that scarcity and deflation are fundamental for increasing the demand for an asset. Bitcoin halving is meant to increase the lack of this digitalized coinage and deflate the currency. 
Has Bitcoin Halving Impacted the Value of Bitcoin?
Bitcoin halving is underlined as an exceedingly important event in the bitcoin network as it decreases the block reward of bitcoin straight up by half but is it worth it.  Bitcoin halving has occurred three times; the first-ever bitcoin halving occurred in 2012, the second bitcoin halving in 2016, and the third in 2020. 
Every bitcoin halving impacted the value of bitcoin to an exceeding extent, all the more in an extraordinarily positive manner. For example, after the first-ever bitcoin halving, the value of bitcoin reached a milestone of $1000. 
After the second bitcoin halving, bitcoin’s value reached a milestone of $10000; yes, you read it right. The recent bitcoin halving took place in the first half of 2020, which inclined the value of bitcoin up to $65000.
According to few sources, the price of bitcoin did not incline due to bitcoin halving. However, due to institutional adaptation of bitcoin alongside popularity in the mainstream. However, as per the technical analysis, the value of bitcoin is inclined. It is due to increasing scarcity, and scarcity of bitcoin is merely embraced by bitcoin halving. 
When will be the last bitcoin mined?
Bitcoin halving will keep taking place when there are 210,000 blocks mined as per the block reward halving, and the last bitcoin will be mined in 2140. After that, however, bitcoin investors can vote to increase the limited supply of bitcoin. If majority votes favor expanding the limit of bitcoin, it will be increased up to a limited extent. But no bitcoin investor will prefer to vote to increase the bitcoin supply as it might decline the overall value.


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