Generally speaking, larger breasts have always been more desirable. Men are attracted to them while women want to have them. Why is that the case, no one will ever know, but that's a fact that no one can deny.
Do women want them because it is an echo of men's desires or because they would feel much more attractive? No one knows for sure. Modern times are filled with options when it comes to this topic.
Women can go under the knife to enlarge them, if they want something less risky they can turn to push-up bras, or they can buy breast enhancement supplements. Now, the issue with the latest option is the fact that a handful of people are familiar with them.
There are so many questions that should be asked. How do they work? Are they really helpful? We have conducted thorough research to get the answers, so stay tuned to reveal the answers.

The Facts To Know About Them

Are They Safe?

No one knows for sure, meaning that nobody can guarantee you one hundred percent that they are or not. Online you can come across various testimonials that claim that these supplements are completely safe, however, people who have made these statements are far from being experts.
What we do know so far is that both estrogen and progesterone are the natural hormones that can enlarge breasts. On the other hand, even they are not entirely safe. According to some studies, excess amounts of these hormones can lead to heart issues, breast cancer, and stroke in postmenopausal women.
The problem with the enhancement supplement is that you do not need any prescription or FDA approval to purchase them. If these pills are mixed with other medications, they can potentially cause some serious health problems. Women who use other medications are often not familiar with this fact and that can place their health in danger.

How Do They Work?

That's the most common question as far as this topic is concerned. Namely, women who want to buy them have to be aware of one fact - even those supplements that do help to some degree, they cannot perform a miracle. Keep that always in mind!
Women tend to become desperate because they are not satisfied with the size of their breasts, so they believe anything they read online and forget the fact that the sole purpose of these companies - to sell you their product.
Some of them might help you, but definitely not all of them! The size and shape of women's breasts are determined by hormones. As we previously mentioned, the most important one is estrogen. 
When girls hit puberty, that's the time when estrogen, along with other hormones are being released, causing the breasts to grow. Some breast enlargement supplements are packed with numerous ingredients that can help women regulate female hormones which can potentially lead to breast enhancement. Besides that, these pills can contribute to skin health as well as improved digestion.
Now, as we mentioned earlier, the lack of data may cause some health problems. Women who are desperate, plus gullible will do anything they can to change the size of their breasts. Namely, they perceive these pills as an easy way to achieve this goal.
Yes, there is a chance that these supplements may have some positive and beneficial effects for your breasts, but if you are living with a certain health condition, you should definitely be careful when taking these pills. You do not want to experience any potential side effects. These pills can be harmless but only if you carefully consume them.

Herbs That Are Found In Breast Enlargement Pills

All these supplements are filled with different herbs. According to a TotalCurve review, plant-derived substances can often be quite beneficial. Now, let's take a look at some of the natural ingredients that can be found in these pills.
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What To Conclude?

It's difficult to give you only one answer. As you can see there are both pros and cons regarding this subject. It would definitely be best to consult your physician before making any decision and if you get the green light, use these pills with caution. 


Daria Brown