I've always been lean. But, no matter what I do, my abs have never been maintained without vigorous exercise and a restrictive diet. Some of my friends have great muscle definition, even though they don't exercise and are able to eat anything and as much as they like. It is common for some people to be more muscular than others, but there must be a way for people who just don’t naturally have it to build their abdominal muscles and show off their abs. I took this into account and did some research to find out more about the different body types that exist, as well as whether it was possible to achieve washboard abs (and keep them) for people who are not naturally built with nice visible abs. Here are some of the things I found.

Different body types

There are three types of body (or Somatotypes), which include endomorph and mesomorph as well as ectomorph. All three of these body types are slightly different in the ways that they look and function physically.
Endomorphs have a soft body, which makes it easier to gain weight. Mesomorphs are more athletic and have a tendency to build more muscle. Ectomorphs tend to be very thin, and therefore have a difficult time losing weight or muscle. A combination of ectomorph and endomorph is the most common somatotype.
This alone makes me believe that I am an endomorph since I have never naturally had abs, but also never had difficulty gaining weight. Although I have always been slim, I believe that my lean physique was maintained by a strict workout and constant monitoring of what I eat. Below is some more information about how endomorphs work, and whether it is possible to get abs as an endomorph.

Can an endomorph get abs?

The short answer to that question is yes. However, endomorphs need to be consistent in their diet and exercise to achieve their abs. This makes sense since that was the only way I was able to maintain my physique at the time that I had visible abs.
You can even take me as an example. The times I had abs, even when it was for a few years, was when I was working out excessively and obsessing about every single food I ate. It required constant restriction and commitment. This was not sustainable and most likely was not very healthy. But, each person is unique, so my case may not be the same as every other endomorph. Healthy body weight can vary depending on genetics and general health, medications, hormones, and other factors.
One common misconception is that your BMI matters when it comes to your body weight and composition. The truth is, that your BMI is an inaccurate way to determine whether your body weight is healthy or not. In fact, one overweight person could have the same weight as a bodybuilder. The only difference is that the bodybuilder’s weight is due to muscle and the overweight person’s weight is due to fat.
Ultimately, an endomorph can get abs. However, it may take a little extra work to get there and additional effort to maintain those abs.

How do you get your abs?

There is no one solution that can meet all of your needs because everyone is unique. Working with someone who understands your body is the best way to achieve your goal of visible abs. This professional could be a personal trainer or a registered dietician.
You may be able to get additional assistance using medical tools to reduce fat and strengthen your muscles in certain cases. These tools are usually available at medical clinics. These medical procedures may be able to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals using advanced medical technology. However, it might not be sustainable for all.
It is important to remember that even though you might want to be proud of your abs, it may not be possible to sustain them. Although anyone can see the definition in their abdomen, it's not possible for everyone (for example mesomorphs). It is more sustainable because it is based on one's natural body. If you have difficulty sculpting your midsection, you might need professional help. Your results may not last long. Your health is the most important thing. This means that you can be healthy, regardless of your weight.


Sarah Graham