Working from home is a difficult time for employees as well. Transitioning from an office environment to their own home can be quite complex, which is why employees still need some time and tips to adjust to the change in environment. 
When working from home, employees need to take care of their wellness and their eating habits. A lot of employees staying and working from home have started eating too much or eating too little. There is no consistency in between for employees to find a balance. 
Food and nutrition are a healthy part of your diet and should be consumed in a strategic manner, without overindulging in them. In this article, we help build the importance of proper eating and wellness for employees having to work from home. We are still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic and organisations haven’t yet resumed operations. 

Snack Healthy 

Snacking healthy is an important requirement when working from home. You should make sure that you snack on the right items and do not compromise on the importance of healthy nutrition. For starters, you should add fruits to your diet. Fruits are important for giving you all the required nutrients without the need for extra supplements. 
Try to add some nuts into your snacks as well and make sure that you are distributing the intake across different periods, rather than just gulping down on your days’ worth of nuts in one go. Also, while you are at it, cut down on processed sugary drinks, potato chips and other junk items. With limited outdoor excursions, you could be preparing yourself for obesity if you keep snacking on junk food. 

Take Some Time Off for Food and Wellness

Defining your working hours clearly can spell wonders for you if you are working from home. Most people approach work from home in a very relaxed manner. They think they have the entire day to slack off and work through. However, this approach can sooner or later become problematic. You keep delaying work throughout the day and don't have any time barrier in mind before completing your work. 
You should take out time every day for food and wellness. Focus on the diet you eat and make sure that you aren’t just working all day without taking care of your wellness. Your health is just as important, which is why you should eat well and get some rest. 
Knowing the repercussions of working without a clear schedule in mind, it is necessary that you set definite working hours and follow those hours when you are working. Perhaps the biggest difference between working in an office and working from home is that you don't have to worry about time. However, to streamline work at home, you can start treating yourself as an employee so that you follow schedules and do not slack up on timings. 

Remember to Take Care of Your Health

Most people are appalled by just how much their life has changed due to the pandemic. They go from having an active social life revolving around friends and family members to being stuck at home without an alternative. In this situation, do not forget your need to take care of your health. Take supplements like G Fuel to make sure that you build energy with time. 
You should also not ignore any health complications. Go get an expert opinion from a tele medic or head for a physical diagnosis the moment you feel anything wrong in your body. Do not slack off in this regard and make sure that you match your diet for a healthy style of living. 

Build Transitions In and Out of Work

While your morning commute to and the evening commute from work can waste a lot of time, it helps you transition in and out of work. While travelling to work, you can think of activities at work and time management. When you are commuting back from work, you look at your day and see what else can be done the next day differently in terms of both nutrition and productivity. This daily routine helps you improve your work and the way you perform. 
Since you are working from home, you don’t necessarily have to cut this part off from your routine. You can still listen to music in the morning to build transitions in and out of work. Use this time to think of the healthy food and activities you’ll need to incorporate into your day. Music aids with wellness and will allow you to feel good about yourself. 
With the right tactics, you can certainly combat this global pandemic and come out on top of it. When the world is freaking out, you can adjust to work from home in a proficient manner.


Daria Brown