Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the compounds derived from the plant family of cannabis Sativa. It is naturally occurring and has been legal in the United States since last December 2018. 
It offers several benefits to your overall health. One, it is not psychoactive. Thus, it is often used as a supplementary treatment. The popularity of CBD in the market continually rises since it has several products that you can choose from. It is available as creams, salves, vapes, edibles, oils, and gummies.
Salves are the best and latest addition to the wide array of CBD products. This article aims to give you the latest updates on the best CBD Salve today.
What Are CBD Salves and Why Should You Use Them?
CBD salves are topical products like balms, sprays, or ointments. You can apply it directly to your skin to guard it against damage and promote healing. 
It offers relief for skin conditions like itchiness, severe pain, and muscle soreness. It also works best for people who have skin conditions namely psoriasis. 
Moreover, people who live an active lifestyle, such as athletes, can benefit a lot when they use CBD salves. It can effectively treat minor training injuries. For instance, dry skin, muscle pain, chafing, blisters, bruising, nerve pain, inflammation, and muscle strain.
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Last 2016, a group of scientists at the University of Kentucky experimented with the use of CBD as topicals to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis among rats. They discovered that CBD reduced the swelling of joints in rats.
A CBD salve uses wax and fatty oil. Consequently, the oil is immediately absorbed and healing starts when CBD salves are directly applied to the skin. It relieves pain and itchiness, along with the soothing effects it has on your skin.
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CBD interacts with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is accountable for attaining body homeostasis. The latter involves controlling your skin’s response to foreign elements. 
Your skin is an active organ and the largest part of the body. It has several endocannabinoid receptors on its surface.  These skin receptors known as the CB2 receptors can absorb the CBD components in topicals, lotions, salves without penetrating your bloodstream. Thus, minimizing the possibilities of inducing euphoria.
Bear in mind, that your ECS is composed of several cannabinoid receptors linked to other vital systems of the body. Sequentially, these receptors control your response to immunity, hormone regulation, skin sensation, and pain.
You can immediately feel or see the effects when CBD salves penetrate your ECS receptors. Severe joint pains are eased, skin irritations are calmed, and sore muscles are relaxed. Indeed, CBD salves can bring you immediate relief with an average onset time of 15 minutes.
Choosing the Best Salves: A Guide for Beginners
Selecting the best CBD salve can be overwhelming and confusing. Additionally, looking for a trustworthy online store can even be tedious.
When you choose what CBD products to invest in and where to purchase them, always check the labels. You need to make sure that the brands use high-quality materials. In the same way, only buy those that went through rigorous testing under third-party laboratories. This ensures the items’ safety and purity.
Below are additional considerations that you need to make when buying a CBD salve for pain relief or other medical uses:
You need to know your budget and stick to it when making purchases.
Shipping Fee
You must guarantee that the company you intend to buy from can ship to your location. Know the costs of the shipping. Correspondingly, you can find stores that offer free shipping.
Return Policy
You do not want to waste money on merchandise that is not effective. So, always buy products that have a return policy. It lets you return the product you bought if it will not work for you.
Make sure that there are no harmful chemicals in your topical products as they may be irritating to the skin. Invest in salves that use organic or natural ingredients.
Best 3 CBD Salves That You Must Try
Here are the top three of the best CBD salves in the market that you may consider using:
FAB has been known to deliver quality CBD products in the market since 2017. Their reputation is notably trustworthy among customers from across the globe.
All manufactured products of FAB are guaranteed to be clean and pure. The company ensures that there are no pesticides, harsh chemicals, and herbicides used in cultivating as well as harvesting their organic hemp. FAB carefully grows their hemp in Colorado. 
Their CBD products undertake systematic testing, at least every quarter. It is to certify that they are producing first-class items. Their most recent lab tests indicate that they offer 100% products, without any trace of heavy metals and pesticides.
You must also take note that FAB highly values transparency. Thus, all of their products’ third-party laboratory results are accessible by the public through their official website. The company is also famous for having state-of-the-art customer support.
Besides, FAB depends on the CO2 extraction technique which is the best one when creating the fine CBD oils in the market. Likewise, this process is friendly and safe for our environment. 
Furthermore, their CBD salves have aloe vera and coconut oil which can be good for your skin. It comes with moisturizing components for you not to get that cracked and dry skin ever again. It even has vitamin E that acts as an antioxidant with nourishing properties.
The salve is quickly absorbed when applied to the skin. So, only apply it to where you can feel the pain. Then, another exciting feature that you have to look out for is its refreshing scent. It greatly adds up to the relaxing effect it has on your body. It is like a perfume but with an added use.
Lastly, FAB offers a one-month refund policy period in case you’re dissatisfied with their product. However, if you have proven it to be effective, you can earn points for every dollar you spent during your purchase. You can use these points for future purchases or as discount coupons.
Who Can Use The Product
Are you looking for a CBD salve for back pain? Then, give this product a try. It is perfect for anybody with an energetic routine. Whether you are into lifting weights, running, CrossFit, golf, or cycling, it can provide relief to body pain and aches.
Main Ingredients Used
It is made from natural elements like vitamin E, Eucalyptus oil, Lavender oil, Ginger oil, Organic Rosemary Oil, a distilled and full-spectrum extract of hemp flower, Cinnamomum camphora oil, menthol crystals, organic beeswax, organic golden jojoba oil, and the like.
Different Size and Strengths 
This full-spectrum CBD comes in two sizes, which is 3,000mg or 1,000mg.
How to Apply
Apply the product to the affected area and massage into the skin until fully absorbed. Repeat as needed. 
Our Verdict
FAB’s CBD salve is effective in dealing with severe muscle pains and aches. Also, you would love the idea that the brand promotes transparency to its customers by showing them the lab results of the company’s products. By doing so, they gain the trust and respect of their customers.
The company is truly one of the best in the CBD industry. They deliver pure and top-notch products that are affordable to the public.
Joy Organics
Joy Smith, a grandmom, mother, and wife, started the company named Joy Organics. She dealt with several sleep and pain problems throughout her lifetime. 
She first used CBD when her son told her to try it to bring relief to her painful dilemma. Upon using it, she became significantly impressed with the efficacy of cannabinoids in combating pain. This event urged her to start her own company and help others to get over body pain.
Joy Organics CBD Salve intended to introduce a tetrahydrocannabinol-free (THC-free) topical product that can alleviate body pain. For instance, muscle pain, joint pain, etc. It has also been used as a CBD salve for psoriasis and to initially treat other skin conditions.
It is packaged in a small container, formulated so that it helps your skin to absorb the product in no time. It is believed to be more effective than other products in the market. 
The CBD in the salve has a multifunctional effect on your body. It doesn’t just soothe joint pains but it also promotes healthy joint functioning. It has ingredients that enhance your skin.
However, it is considered pricier than others but the ingredients used and its overall quality make it a worthwhile purchase.
Joy Organics also takes pride in upholding transparency to its clients. As a result, it lets the customer view the full outline of its laboratory results associated with its CBD salve. They can easily be downloaded and viewed online.
In addition to that, the salve undergoes numerous manufacturing procedures to guarantee that it is THC-free. This protects the customers from becoming exposed to this psychoactive compound that is found in Cannabis.
It has eucalyptus and lavender scent.  It also has an oily and waxy that makes the scent a bit stronger compared to other topicals. Also, the product is waxy and has a creamy yellow color. It is very firm but easily warms up when pressed using your fingertips. It would then melt quickly in your skin and serve as a protective barrier. It even has antibacterial properties.
Needless to say, if you are from the United States you can avail of free shipping when you order items from Joy Organics Salve. There is also a money-back guarantee whenever you buy from this company.
Who Can Use The Product
Individuals who experience joint pain, muscle sores, burns, scaly patches, and other skin irritation can use this item. It has a high concentration of full-spectrum CBD which makes it very effective to combat inflammation and pain. At the same time, it promotes healing and blood circulation.
Main Ingredients Used
This has hemp CBD but doesn’t contain THC. It is the component that induces “high” in humans. Joy Organics Salve also uses eucalyptus oil that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It may prevent infection and kill pathogens.
This product is a brilliant combination of beeswax, fragrant essential oils, phytocannabinoids, and Cannabidiols. This brings relief to body aches, calms your muscles, and promotes healthy skin.
Different Size and Strengths 
It has two sizes variants namely 1,000 milligrams and 500 milligrams of CBD.
How to Apply
Put on a small quantity to your skin and gently rub. Re-apply as desired.
Our Verdict
Joy Organics is a trustworthy product that offers top-rate CBD salves. The company offers you a cheap alternative but without compromising the quality. 
CBDistillery Topical Salve is a multipurpose product with a safe amount of CBD. It has additional components to provide several health benefits. The products are affordable but one of a kind.
It uses a special formula that aids in moisturizing your skin and soothing your body aches. It’s designed to provide localized relief to certain parts of your body. It is packed with a full-spectrum of CBD extract.
This salve has a dark gold color that is pleasing to your eyes. It has a whipped and soft consistency. It has a light and oily feel to it. It immediately dries up once absorbed by your skin.
It emits a strong therapeutic scent brought about by the mixture of camphor essential oil, tea tree, basil, wintergreen, and peppermint. Its fragrance is comparable to black licorice and pine trees. 
Additionally, the camphor essential oil produces a warming feeling when you massaged the salve to your skin. Afterward, a cool sensation immediately occurs.
Moreover, ProVerde Laboratories perform the lab tests for this brand. Though, unlike other companies who promote transparency in their lab report, CBDistillery only shares its cannabinoid profile to the public. They do not reveal the safety profiles of their items.
However, if you wish to get a detailed version of the lab report you must first buy their product. Next, scan the QR code located on the product’s label. Then, get the detailed laboratory analysis of the batch from the company.
Nevertheless, you can rest assured though that they use natural farming practices for their products. They see to it that they manufacture CBD oils that are pure and safe. Indeed, over the years this brand became one of the most trusted in the industry in terms of selling CBD products in the United States.
Besides, the business offers a two-month return policy on its salve products. It gives the customers ample time to evaluate if the product they bought is indeed effective or not.
Who Can Use The Product
This salve is ideal for persons with skin conditions and body pains. It can heal acne, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, etc. It also has anti-inflammatory components that help alleviate the symptoms of back pain. You can use this product when going for a relaxing massage.
Main Ingredients Used
This CBD salve is formulated with Beeswax, Tea Tree, Olive Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Wintergreen, 
Eucalyptus, and many more.
Different Size and Strengths 
It comes with a 1-oz.-container which is equivalent to 500mg of CBD.
How to Apply
You can apply it directly to the painful part of your skin. Roll it on and massage the salve.
Our Verdict
CBDistillery salve is an excellent alternative for those who like to enjoy the anti-inflammatory properties and pain-relieving effects of CBD. It is cheap and effective.
Top Reasons You Should or Shouldn’t Buy CBD Salves
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Buy CBD salve, and improve your overall health. It has anti-inflammatory properties that effectively minimize excessive sebum production, soothes pain and itch, and promotes skin moisture.
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Using CBD salve has a lot of positive effects on the body but you also have to seriously consider the potentially harmful effects it may bring. For instance, irritation, rash, swelling, dryness of the mouth, etc. 
When symptoms arise, you may seek the advice of your licensed physician.
FAQs About CBD Salves
How frequently can I apply the salve?
You can use it as much as needed.
How is CBD salve different from creams and lotions?
CBD salves don’t use water in their formula. Thus they have a thicker consistency than CBD creams and CBD lotions.
Why are topical conditions best treated with direct skin applications?
Direct skin applications are ideal for topical conditions since it would bring instant relief to the affected area.
Will CBD Oil be detected on drug tests?
It would depend on the concentration of the CBD oil used in the product. However, most are often undetectable.
Is there a difference between CBD isolates and CBD full-spectrum? 
CBD isolates only have CBD. Thus, you need not worry about absorbing THC in your system.
On the contrary, a full-spectrum CBD has CBD and other fatty acids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. It is usually more effective than CBD isolates.
How to Order CBD Salve Online?
You can order CBD salve online by visiting the website of the company offering the product. However, make sure that you are to ship it in an area where it is legally accepted to avoid any violations.
One of the ideal benefits of CBD salves is that they will not give you that euphoric feeling. Another, these products are highly effective in treating body aches and skin irritations. It can even promote healthy skin since it has anti-inflammatory properties. It is safe for the body and is often affordable.


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