Blockchain is responsible for the origin of cryptocurrency's decentralized network in which millions of people generate huge profits. The primary reason for developing this decentralized network is to overcome the drawbacks of a centralized dominated fiat money network. Along with high-level security wallets, Profit Edge offers low service costs. In addition, according to some crypto experts, virtual currency will lead to the development of a new financial market structure with better accessibility. 
You have required a digital form of wallet to store these virtual tokens. Bitcoin wallets have an improved security system but differ in how they operate in terms of functionality. Wallets store currency as a string of characters or binary code for maintaining balance in their respective accounts. But it is highly recommended to keep your bitcoins safe by taking help from bitcoin wallet security. 
With the help of synchronization, once a new block is added, the transaction is automatically sent to the linked exchanges. A few months ago, a survey was conducted to know the best Bitcoin wallet. We got almost 1,200 answers from the holders of BTC. Out of them, we selected the top 20 wallets from where you can get the best Bitcoin wallet quickly. So grab this opportunity and learn to choose your best Bitcoin wallet. 
Coinbase wallet:
Coinbase is one of the popular Bitcoin wallets from which you can get your Bitcoin quickly. Coinbase is a well-known and reliable cryptocurrency company that offers exchange services too. Its integration with many ATMs and credit cards makes it popular among buyers. Coinbase lets you buy or sell Bitcoin using your credit card, bank account, PayPal, or cash deposit. 
So users get instant access to cryptos within minutes of the registration process, and there is no limit on trading activities. Coinbase also provides users with tools including merchant services, analytics tools, and built-in wallets for e-commerce purposes. Coinbase is available in 32 countries with more than 20+ currencies. 
It is a scalable and popular wallet because it provides an opportunity to purchase Bitcoin online. For instance, if you buy $100 of bitcoin through Coinbase, the company will charge you a fee of 3.99 percent. However, if you pay with your bank account, the cost would be 1.49 percent or a flat fee of $0.15 per transaction.
Electrum wallet:
Electrum wallet is available in two versions: Electrum-LTC and Electrum-DASH. This Bitcoin wallet operates through an algorithm that uses a seed for generating private keys. Seed, in turn, helps you to access bitcoins and generates your wallet address where you can store your cryptocurrencies. Once we enter the seed, the wallet will generate a public key that allows us to create a private key. 
It shows an option of auto-connecting to servers, which helps fast synchronize wallets. It also offers a fee adjustment feature for users to change the transaction fees manually. Moreover, losing your wallet's seed requires a 12-words passphrase to recover bitcoins in that wallet. IOS and Android users can install the Jaxx mobile wallet as an alternative to the Electrum wallet.
GreenBits wallet:
GreenBits is a well-known Bitcoin wallet company with a simple interface. This Bitcoin wallet is available in two versions: Greenbits open-source and Greenbits mobile. GreenBits mobile has a very easy-to-use interface and can access the blockchain worldwide. The company offers mining services too that you can utilize for earning Bitcoins. This mobile wallet is suitable for beginners just venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies and might face difficulty creating a new bitcoin address. 
Another advantage of GreenBits is that if you lose your smartphone, you can also access your wallet using recovery seed. In addition, the green bits wallet automatically syncs with the blockchain and doesn't require any active effort from the user's side. But, it doesn't allow users to export private keys or view them on their devices. 
Exodus wallet:
Its features include a non-custodial system, cold storage, multi-signature options, TOR network integration for enhanced security and privacy, a built-in exchange platform, a Dash gateway, and more. Exodus wallet offers a strong foundation for any user looking to buy or sell Bitcoins. 
It provides independent developers with the freedom to implement payment processing systems and has introduced a fresh look to the industry with its new wallet design. It supports multiple languages, including English and Russian too. In addition, it offers a one-click recovery feature to restore its users’ Bitcoin. 
What makes Exodus stand out is its security and user-friendly interface. In addition, Exodus can store, trade, and exchange multiple cryptocurrencies. You can also use ShapeShift to convert between cryptocurrencies without an account.


Siarra K