Tricia: Give me some backstory, Susan. What brought you to this point in life?
Susan: What has brought me to this point in life can be best summed up as a convoluted journey. It has encompassed the pursuit of happiness, seeking purpose and meaning in life. It has involved several career and personal transitions. Most recently, I have embarked upon an alchemist path, the most personal and magical of all journeys; the journey of introspection. 
I was born into poverty to a teenage mother who was unfit to care for her children. From very early on, I embodied the beliefs and energy of deprivation, believing that there were never enough resources and that I wasn’t good enough in some way to have all that I needed for an abundant life. I spent most of my life running away from the place where I was born. I used education, titles, and geography as tools to escape my past. What I hadn’t realized is that despite every academic and career success, despite every move, I could not be fulfilled until that depraved energy within me was transformed. 
I went to medical school and business school, accrued hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt, started two companies and became an equity investor before waking up to consciousness. It took so much work and endless suffering for me to see what I was doing. I was looking outward for the validation that could only come from within.  Once I was consciously aware, all of the past was dismantled and I felt that I was left with very little except a mound of debt. In truth, I was left with the deep will and inspiration to be conscious and to do what is my purpose.
Tricia: Let’s talk about making the decision to live your life tapped into Source.
Susan: Making the decision to lead a conscious life, one tapped into Source was not actually a choice. There was nothing to decide. Once I experienced my spiritual awakening, there was really no other way to live. My awakening involved out-of-body travel and a renewed perspective about not only my life but that of all of existence. There is no going back from that. There is very little about my life today that resembles my life pre 2012, before my crisis awakening. I think and believe differently, I feel and see differently, I eat and drink differently. My friends and relationships have changed, my jobs and interests have also changed. 
My awareness of energy and emotions are heightened and I now make connections that I never had the ability to do before. For example, the mind-body connection is everclear. Before my awakening, I was a heart surgeon. Now I am an energy healer, removing emotional and energetic blocks from the heart center. In my energy work, I tap into higher dimensions of thought and form and become the conduit for the highest frequency love and light energy that is only in the highest good of my clients. I find soul energy work to be so much more fulfilling than opening a chest, and the results are ever- lasting. 
Tricia: And what was it like sharing for the first time your Conscious Awakening?
In the early days of my awakening, I did not have language to describe it. I did not immediately understand what was happening. I shared my experience with a bit of trepidation. I feared others would think I had lost my mind. I also wondered if I had a brain tumor or some other rational diagnosis. I did not know or come to know anyone with a shared experience. I now understand that everyone’s journey inward is different. No two awakening could be identical just as no two human lives are identical. That said, as I settled into my renewed state of being, people and resources showed up for me in a way that could only be orchestrated by the Universe. I began to see that there is an order of things. I now believe in the power of Source implicitly and feel comfortable knowing that I am fully supported on my path, even if it doesn't alway feel that way. 
Tricia: You’ve written two children’s books, can you share that process with us? 
Susan: I have written three books, two of them illustrated children's books. The first in my conscious children's book series is Two Parts of Me: I am More Than My body (2019). It is about our intuition and deepest feelings, reminding children to listen to their inner selves and to recognize intuition as guidance from their soul. My second children’s title is The Death of Cupcake: A Child’s Experience With Loss (2020). It was created as a way for parents to discuss death and loss with their children and provides an exalted perception of life and death. My children’s books are nonfiction and written from a child’s perspective with conscious perspectives infused throughout the pages. The children’s book series is designed for K- 4th graders and ages 5 -10 years.
The process for writing illustrated children’s books is different, creatively and functionally than writing for adults, or older children. A strong collaboration is required with my illustrator to bring the concepts to life. I have found writing for young children requires more precision and deliberateness with words. I absolutely love writing books for young children. It is such a beautiful and gratifying process. I envision creating 8 - 10 titles in my conscious children’s book series.
Tricia: Why did you write these children’s books?
Susan: The impetus for writing my children's book series came to me during the writing of my first book for adults entitled The Duality of Being: Perspectives from Multidimensional Travel (2018). I had the realization that many of the burdens we carry into adulthood are from incidents that occurred during childhood. I wondered if we could encourage our children to remain consciously awake, understanding their feelings and expressing them freely, could we not create a healthier, emotionally mature society in the future. 
Tricia: You recently did a TED talk about generational wealth and generational poverty. Can you dig into parents and children and how we are teaching our kids about money?
Susan: Yes, I recently delivered my first TEDx talk in Farmingdale, NY. I spoke about Money Consciousness: Overcoming Generational Poverty. I chose this idea worth spreading because it is very near to my heart. I have come to realize how growing up poor has a way of holding us back from fulfilling our dreams. 
As parents, when we embody fear around money, our children pick up on that dense vibration and embody the fear too. We don’t always realize what we are doing, but we must understand that carrying the energy of scarcity can take hold for a lifetime, preventing us from living prosperous lives. Something to keep in mind when it comes to money is our deepest feelings about it  because we pass on more than our DNA from generation to generation. We also embody the energy of past generations. The good news is that as parents, we have the power to shift a generation by healing our relationship with money. But to do this, we must first identify then transform our fears and beliefs about money.  
Tapping into the energy or vibration of abundance is all about feeling. We haven’t been conditioned to really give credence to our feelings, especially in the area of finances. We are taught that it is all about numbers and managing those numbers in our complex financial system. Our feelings are rarely, if ever calculated into the financial equation. The connection we haven’t yet made as a collective society is the correlation between our innate self-worth and our financial net worth. We are only as wealthy or rich as we truly believe we are worthy of being.
The way that we feel inside matters because our feelings are the way that we communicate with the Universe. What this means is that if we feel fear when we think of money, fearful situations surrounding money are certain to show up in our physical reality because the Universe works by giving us what we truly feel.
 As parents, by healing ourselves and reclaiming our self-worth, we give our children and their children the opportunity to do the same. Because we pass on our self-worth from generation to generation. This is how I have been able to break the cycle of generational poverty in my family. The process started with me.
Dr. Susan Nicholas is an international speaker in the area of motivation and human consciousness. Her inspirational speaking platforms enrich and enlighten audiences with universal themes including money mindset and emotional intelligence. Her diverse work has a common thread which is to awaken humanity to consciousness. For the Swaay Community Susan is offering a special gift for the holiday season, her frequency of Money online course. USE the code SWAAYFOM upon check HERE. 
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