Many women are not aware of just how toxic their daily makeup routine could be. Dangerous products are everywhere, and it can be difficult to find alternatives. Some of the best advocates for switching to green beauty products are popular influencers like Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny. These influencers provide a great example of how every woman can clean up her makeup and skincare routine.
Organic beauty influencers also showcase a wide variety of interesting products. When women follow these influencers, they will receive fresh insights into the world of green beauty.
Here are some excellent green beauty influencers and blogs you should follow, along with some of their recommendations for brightening up your skincare routine.

Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny

On her website The Organic Bunny, Amanda Jo provides her visitors with resources for organic alternatives to all of their favorite products. She reviews hair, makeup, skincare, and home products with attractive photography and interesting stories. One of her most useful features is the combined product review and makeup tutorial, bringing value-added information to the organic beauty consumer.
In addition to her reviews and product roundups, Organic Bunny is also a retail site. Organic Bunny combines the best natural makeup and skincare brands with expert advice.

Alba Ramos

Alba Ramos is better known as SunKissAlba. She found fame through YouTube, where she made her channel a destination for organic beauty and non-toxic products.
Ramos introduced a collaboration with Derma E. a few years ago, making Radiant Glow Face Oil available to her fans. The product is sold at Amazon, Whole Foods, and Ulta Beauty where it sold out at one point.
Ramos feels a responsibility to her followers, helping them sort out the clutter of beauty brands that claim to be natural and organic and finding out the truth. She is far less interested in the claims made by the products and zeros in on the ingredients themselves.

Carron Coleman

On her YouTube channel, natural-living advocate Carron Coleman inspires her readers to look beyond the big beauty brands. As a woman of color, she is uniquely positioned to help her readers find the best products for their skin type.
Coleman is also interested in promoting wellness along with beauty. Her YouTube channel frequently offers information on women’s health issues and healthy recipes.

Jenna Covello

Jenna Covello of Agent Nateur was diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis at the age of 23. This diagnosis set her on the course of drastically changing the way she lived her life. After years of enduring pain, and undergoing five surgeries, she embarked on her path of natural products. With years of research, she now offers a line of luxury, all-natural skincare. She is also the host of NATEURious, a podcast which features industry experts in the beauty and health spheres.

The Natural Beauty Workshop

The Natural Beauty Workshop is a fun way to create your own safe and natural products in your own kitchen. The blog has many recipes for skin care, body care, and beauty products for the entire family. It is a great resource for gift-giving as well. The site also gives listings of where to shop for the best natural ingredients for your at-home creations. One of the most useful features of the website is how to use the trendiest ingredients like Dead Sea mud for natural beauty.

Janey Lee Grace

Janey Lee Grace is a DJ, author, natural beauty advocate, and singer. Her website, Imperfectly Natural, is an excellent guide to natural wellness as a whole. The site reviews the best new products and ties everything into the pursuit of overall health, especially living an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is a famous Hollywood actress with roles in Oscar-winning movies. Her natural health and beauty website, GOOP, has become so popular it has a life of its own. GOOP is an upscale lifestyle site with product reviews, health tips, and fashion. This website has become highly influential in the celebrity world as well as among everyday beauty fans.

Danielle Messina

Danielle Messina and her blog, The Glamorganic Goddess, are dedicated to promoting natural health and beauty products. Danielle created her blog after using all-natural remedies to help with her recovery from breast cancer. Tying health and beauty into serious topics like cancer and wellness makes Messina’s blog a valuable resource for women dealing with chronic illnesses in addition to the basic need for natural beauty products.

Sunny Subramanian

Sunny runs Vegan Beauty Review which started back in 2007. She is considered to be the first vegan beauty blogger to hit the internet. She believes in products that are vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free to share with her readers. Sunny has also been featured in the New York Times, Women’s World Magazine, One Green Planet, and more! Through her blog she has shared countless cruelty-free resources, including reviews, and recipes.

Exploring Natural Influencers

All of these natural beauty influencers and blogs have valuable information to share. Taking stock of these websites, women who are interested in natural beauty can find many excellent resources.
Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny believes that there are many great ways to receive natural and organic beauty information. Studying these websites and blogs can help women plan healthy alternatives to their possibly damaging routines. 


Clara Rose