In this past week, I was pleasantly surprised by the decision of the Monmouth County High School to require African American Studies as part of the curriculum for its students, in efforts to correct the decades of miseducation and misinformation—misinformation that has pilfered the American people from the goodness of its Sunday's best-dressed list—i.e., its most needy. It is a brightening of the horizon that blares horns and gets my ships rolling into 2021 with steam! It's a bold move in some spheres but a sensible one in my point of view, as 2020 was the blaring mirror that would make heads turn and ways change—its mercy was loudly spoken, and its wounds were born in shame and disagreement—thus its healing change requires a complete acceptance of the truth when it is spoken and explained with proof. For this reason, I applaud this community that is seeking its true thoroughfare, for its young, its old, and its in-betweens! Essentially, this community is an alcoholic facing its destructive ways and making the bold moves of attending AA meetings, cutting back on drinking, and respecting the wishes of its loved ones! Isn't this the good story that we have been seeking? Isn't it what we strive for as individuals and as a community? I thank them for recognizing that knowledge is the key and the answer to the destructive schisms that have hypnotized America from its true dream: freedom!
Essentially, we all want to be free to do what we want, and truthfully, the government wants the same for us. Let me explain—any good government would want its citizens to live freely because this is what generates ingenuity, growth, and good revenue (revenue that is sustainable and solid)—the tax revenue would be fantastic for such a community. So, my position is that freedom is good for both the government and the citizens and that a just government is a site that this community is seeking. I am delighted to be a part of it, as the public’s support is all this community needs to be great.
Sadly, there were still some citizens who found themselves on the naysayers' path, and it's these individuals' tears that I am banking on to keep me wet in the dry season, as their obstinacy is their shame. I demand that Christ's light comes down and expose their indecency and their blight. People like these created the Donald Trump debacle and America's burgeoning flood of unrighteous murders, its abuse, and its backlog of readiness and innovation.
If this pandemic proved anything, it's that we need to function together and that when life throws anything at us, our ability to live is compromised by indecent behavior. Love truly is the answer that we have failed to try fully.  In fact, we haven’t tried it at all.
It really is about listening to people’s pain and reducing it when we are the cause of it. Hatred causes pain. It took lives. Love needs to win right now because we are all dependent on it to survive. Who can tell me that the love of another is not what sustained them during these last days? And who can tell me that the pain and death that others experienced were not due to the loneliness they had to suffer from no air or breath to eventually sustain them?
Indeed LOVE is king, and only dunces let the bad talk of the Holy Bible prevent them from accepting the love that it wholly offers. “Love is patient, love is kind, love is not puffed up.” This is enough to sup on for the rest of your life, as it is a rhythm that takes DAILY mastery to present as such, hour to hour.
There is much more for Americans to do, and president Biden has his hands full as his ardency will prove true as he wins the fight of good over evil. All he has to prove is that he is NOT Donald Trump over and over, and we will be in excellent condition as a nation. As issues arise, I expect him and Kamala to rise to the nation's needs, as this is the first election that we have an in a time where compassion holds the beer, and democrats have always proved to be the compassionate arm of the bunch. I am an independent and a Centrist at heart, so I am pleased to see the needs of the nation being at the forefront of the issues we are resolving head-on.
I long to see Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and more stand up with the sway of the tide that is longing to wash America clean. The 2020 election was exciting, and it was so pleasant to see such an array of fine candidates step up to save the nation. Indeed, their love led the way to this juncture, and I will invoke that you all KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY as we step into the new nation that is America the great and the beautiful, simply because she has aligned her actions with her worshiped ideals!
America has worshiped hardness, anyone who looks around will see that hardness is here, and sensible ones will see that its mission is to wake us up to the nation that was promised before times.  Christ’s nation is here, one in which we align ourselves with love; the more we have around us, the better for us.
The vastness of love’s network remains to be seen, and America has been the world’s exporter of madness for too long. Our goodness needs to reign over white fear, and 2021’s confidence is what we have all been longing to throw ourselves into. I am so glad to be living in these times and be a part of the solution that gives us peace!
I am thankful for those who have lost their lives in the fight, for they are our witnesses that we will HEAR when knowledge speaks to us! You have your loved ones’ spirits to fend for. Keep on listening.