Humanity has been advancing at an unfathomable rate for the last 200 years. We have wrapped our planet in a global web of information. We are close to launching the first human to another planet. Yet, many schools still use 200-year-old education methods. 
But these nine education start-ups attempt to reshape and innovate the educational system. Keep reading to discover more about these companies.

#1 Brighterly

As an innovative PreK-5 math learning platform, combines 1-to-1 online courses, math games, and a helpful blog for parents and teachers.
It centers around play-based learning and curriculum gamification to help students learn math with fun and get more interested in the subject overall. At Brighterly, children can benefit from math courses in three formats:

Core Classes

These lessons teach new math concepts and strengthen studied math topics.

Fun Lessons

Brighterly tutors introduce fun lessons with interactive STEM activities, games, and puzzles to complement enjoyable learning.

Q&A and Feedback Evaluation Lessons

These lessons help children solidify learned math topics through assessment exercises and tests.

#2 Embrace 

Embrace is a powerful tool for teachers that streamlines lesson management and saves up to 50% of the time educators spend on class preparation.
Embrace emphasizes ease of use and fast deployment so that teachers don’t spend plenty of time learning how it works. 
Software solutions for teachers include:
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#3 Cambly

Cambly is an online language tutoring platform that connects English teachers and students across the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, and many more countries. Cambly emphasizes ease of use and maximum English immersion for faster learning. It serves as a platform where students and organizations learn English from professional tutors. 
Available both on desktop and mobile devices across all operating systems, Cambly provides the following features:
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#4 Labster

Labster is a fascinating virtual science experiment simulator designed to facilitate research skills in students of all levels. It provides customers with several virtual-reality and augmented-reality science labs where students can conduct research and complete experiments.
Labster gives students unlimited research opportunities in medicine, astronomy, physics, chemistry, etc.
Most importantly, a virtual lab is entirely safe, allowing more freedom for students in their experiments. It might become a perfect choice for STEM activities within the classrooms or at home.

#5 Kiko Labs

Kiko Labs is an entertainment platform for children designed to boost their cognitive skills and memory with science-based games.
Neuroscientists at Kiko Labs design games specifically to enhance children’s attention span, memory capacity, and cognitive flexibility.
Early learners can engage in interactive games with voice instructions to develop cognitive function and spatial skills.
Parents, teachers, and caregivers can access a learning dashboard, analyze children’s in-game metrics and track their progress in the practiced skill areas.
As of the time of writing this post, you can install the Kiko the Fix game on iOS devices.

#6 Encoura

Encoura is an online college advisory platform that connects high-school students and teachers in a seamless learning environment.
It offers college admission courses helping teens pass admission exams and enroll in colleges they have always dreamt of. 
Encoura provides college consultants with data-driven insights about the best students for their organization, marketing channels, most suitable enrollment channels, etc. 
Additionally, it offers a set of tools for students to manage their college applications.

#7 UpGrad

UpGrad is an online higher education learning platform that provides courses about law, technology, data management, and data science. 
It offers 1-to-1 high education courses with experts from the top global universities in the following areas:
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#8 EssayAdvisor

EssayAdvisor emerged to answer an increasing demand for online essay services. It helps students find reliable essay writing companies to save time on writing tasks and free up more energy for subjects they like. 
Students can browse essay service reviews to discover companies’ features, pricing policies, services, etc. Additionally, students can search for essay company discounts and learn valuable insights into essay writing from the dedicated blog.

#9 Course Hero

Course Hero is an online learning platform that provides students with valuable studying materials to help them go through a college or university journey with flying colors. 
The platform combines the following services:
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Students can also browse a blog with helpful resources to cover student life and the upcoming challenges. Course Hero is an affordable education hub available on Desktop, Android, and iOS.

The Bottom Line

Teaching should be simple and convenient. Thanks to these nine web education startups, students and educators can benefit from technology advancements, learn on the go, and streamline administrative tasks.


Claire Ward