One of the most exciting moments of your love life is during the wedding proposal. This is the time when you get to seal the deal and make things official with your partner. The excitement that comes with the thought of her saying yes can't be explained with words. Sometimes, you even wonder if she's going to say no. All these thoughts are what make a wedding proposal a memorable one.
To ensure a romantic and unique wedding proposal, put a lot of thought into the planning to prove to your partner how much you love and care about them. A lot more is involved in the planning, and if you are not keen on what you specifically wish your proposal to look like, you might end up ruining the whole wedding proposal. To help you, here are some tips for a romantic wedding proposal:

Buy Her Favorite Engagement Ring

The first thing to look for before you propose to your girlfriend is the best engagement ring. This doesn't mean it should be the most expensive in the store, full of pure gold. Instead, it should be something that she loves. A ring that she has been dreaming of.
You can get hints from photos she downloads on the internet, or the engagement rings she talks most about. You can also talk to her friends about it but remind them not to break the surprise before D-day. Your bride-to-be will definitely be surprised as you give her the engagement ring of her dreams. 

Pick A Treasured Landmark

Pick a place that’s favorable for your proposal. It could be a hotel roof, beach, national park, or monument. Ensure the place you choose as a landmark has significance to both of you. It could be where you first met or visited and had a good time together.
As soon as you secure a landmark, you may wish to set up remote cameras not to attract your partner's attention or find someone to take photos during the proposal. Don’t let that epic moment pass by without photography since it is one of the best days in you and your partner's journey of love.

Arrange For A Musical Performance

This method is bound to work, especially if your partner is a music lover. Establish the genre of music she enjoys. A band could go a long way here, or you may decide to book a performance from one of the artists, probably one that your partner likes passionately. Make it a surprise performance as soon as you get to the proposal venue. It could also be cute if you requested the performers to incorporate your lover's name in their performance to get the awesome moment of love.

Design A Thoughtful Word Puzzle

Be creative and develop a word puzzle like a game for you and your partner. Make it an interesting exercise and ensure the last question on the puzzle is 'Will you marry me?' By this time, be on your knee, ready with the ring as your partner answers the question. 
The best thing about this is that you don't have to go out in public if it makes you or your partner uncomfortable. You could do it with just the two of you in your house or with a couple of friends. Moreover, playing word puzzles is a good way to bond and have fun, and if you cap it with a proposal, nothing can beat it.

Fill A Room With Photos Of Both Of You

You have photos you took with your partner, all of which have great memories. Put together all these photos you took together, probably from the first date onwards, to every event you two celebrated. Choose one room in your home and hang all the photos around for display.
Photos carry very great memories, both sweet and bitter. Some symbolize success in your relationship; some symbolize the hardships and oceans both of you have crossed to be together. It could be a great idea to have a photo display set up to capture your partner's attention, surprise her, and remind her of the journey of love as you propose.   

Compose A Love Poem

Poems are a great way to show your partner you care for and love them. The thoughts and words you put in every line will leave a mark in their hearts. Each line is a line of love. 
Therefore, if you’re a poetic person, you can compose a love piece for your partner. This can be short, if possible, to keep it simple, sweet, and straight to the point. You can write the poem on a piece of paper or a notebook, wrap it well with a ring, and then hand it over to your partner. As she opens to read the message, she meets the ring as a surprise to her.

Write Little Sticky Notes As Hints 

You can do this by tying a ribbon, preferably the color your partner loves, then stick the little sticky love notes with love notes and messages to your partner on them. Put a ring at the end of the ribbon and propose soon as your partner finishes reading the notes on the ribbon. Music could accompany this. Try choosing a theme that goes well with both of you and one which creates an environment of love between the two of you.   

Plan A Movie Date

A movie date night is a perfect idea for a romantic and unique proposal. You will have to plan this with the movie organizers and ensure that photos of you and your partner are incorporated in the middle of the movie to catch their attention. Imagine how surprised your partner will see photos of you on the movie screen, and at the end of the photo slide show, the question pops up for them to respond. 


There are a lot more things you can do to achieve a romantic and unique proposal. Depending on your partner's preference, you can make your proposal private or public. You know what your partner likes when you plan a proposal, and you should remember not to ruin the day. Make it as unique and romantic as possible, and she will say yes.


Clara Rose