When building or remodeling your home's bathroom, privacy is and should be a top priority. Why? Because a bathroom should be a haven of privacy. One reason we rarely talk about privacy is that people are a little fussy about discussing the bathroom; however, privacy requirements vary from one type of bathroom to another.
For example, a powder room has a different layout and fittings requirement to a master bathroom that has views of your backyard. To enjoy the comfort of your bathroom, you need it to feel secure and secluded. These are some ways to give your bathroom more privacy.

Use Bathroom Shutters

Bathroom shutters are the perfect window coverings that can add a layer of privacy to a bathroom. Bathrooms are a great place to unwind. That is why we love to relax in the tub, and that is why you need to think about privacy.
One benefit of bathroom window shutters is the ability to tilt the louvers to suit your needs. When the louvers are open, you make the most of the light, and when they're closed, they become your shield from the outside world with beautiful shutters for your bathroom. However, you have to know the right shutter material to choose from.
While high-quality hardwood shutters are usually an excellent choice, professionals at shuttercraft.co.uk recommend waterproof shutters, particularly for bathroom shutters. 

Split Up Your Bathroom

You can split up an existing large bathroom to accommodate more utilities and increase your bathroom functionality, as this can be less invasive than trying to build an entirely new bathroom.
For instance, you can close off part of your bathroom to make a powder room. This means that over one person will then be able to access the services they need simultaneously, with no one feeling like their privacy is being intruded on.
You can also put a sink and a toilet in the powder room and close it off from the bathing area to reduce morning congestion, allowing someone to brush their teeth while someone else uses the shower, with no one sacrificing privacy.

Add Locks To Bathroom Doors

Homes that do not have lockable door knobs for internal rooms leave users vulnerable to privacy breaches. That is why you should replace standard door knobs with locking ones to prevent embarrassment. 
A lockable doorknob will prevent unintentional opening. Besides that, though, it is equally critical that these doorknobs be easy to open from outside in case if a child is accidentally locked in or a family member slips in the shower and gets hurt. 

Use Simple Barriers

One of the simplest ways to add privacy to your bathroom is to install a separator to demarcate the toilet and the rest of the bathroom. This is the most basic and inexpensive visual barrier you can use to separate a toilet from the rest of the bathroom, as it doesn't require plumbing works or any significant alteration of the bathroom's layout.

Rework The Layout 

If you want more privacy in your bathroom, you can place the toilet to the far end of the room behind a barrier like a half wall or a specially created alcove. 
For larger spaces, it's entirely possible to use your restroom's layout to hide the toilet behind a dividing wall in the middle of the room or on the far side. If layout and plumbing options are flexible, this is a stylish way to solve your washroom privacy concerns without closing off your bathroom space.
Layout the bathroom so that the door doesn't open onto a plain view of the entire room. Add partial walls, or shape the room with angles so that facilities like the shower or toilet are separated from the doorway. This provides some extra security and comfort if a door is inadvertently opened.

Compartmentalize Your Restroom

If you want total bathroom privacy, consider compartmentalizing your toilet from the rest of the bathroom. This efficiently creates a bathroom within the bathroom.
This setup is expensive because you'll need to build the walls, separate plumbing, lighting, and ventilation. Besides, we should reserve this kind of setup for larger master bathrooms; it will distinctly reduce your bathroom size.

Let More Light In

Natural lighting is an important element for a cozy lavatory as there are many health benefits to increased sunlight exposure. For example, sunshine provides valuable vitamin D, which boosts immune systems and can lower blood pressure. 
Besides the fact that an extra splash of sunlight is good for health, it also improves early morning routines. People who set out with natural light in the morning have a good chance of getting their desired look.
Although it could be challenging to get good natural light while maintaining bathroom privacy, bathroom shutters can do the magic for you. 
When upgrading your bathroom, keep in mind that functionality and style complement each other. So take the steps above to help improve your restroom privacy and its general look.


Daria Brown