Consumer culture in the western world is developing rapidly and is getting to the point where purchasing a single coffee in the morning on the way to work isn't enough. The feeling of the caffeine of a single coffee coursing through our veins isn't substantial enough to get us up and running, the need for more is essential to get us through the first 4 hours of our day. We can, of course, turn around and go and buy another coffee, but if you're on the side of the fence that self proclaims being a coffee snob then the money is going to be a huge factor. Third-wave specialty coffee shops are expensive and will quickly run your bank account thin, luckily, with the development of home espresso machines we can fill the majority of our needs before leaving the house. If that's not a good enough reason, here are some more as to why you should invest in an Espresso Machine.

1. Your Morning Fix

I'm someone that loves a coffee and there aren't many days I can go without one. When I wake up in the morning, it's the first thing I think about and my brain won't function until I sip the sweet nectar of the gods. The good thing about having an espresso machine at home is that I don't have to wait in line at my local coffee shop and wait for something that has the potential of being either delicious or subpar. I know what I like and I know how to make the perfect espresso for my flavor palette, and that's something you can learn as a home barista, you just need the equipment first.

2. It's Fun

When you enter the world of the home barista it can seem pretty intimidating, there's a lot of different coffee to try and even more to learn about where it's from, how it's processed, and the different factors that affect flavor. If you truly get into it, then there's a whole world just waiting to be explored and it's a lot of fun. Each recipe you try will give you a different flavor, the difference in the beans will become apparent very quickly and you'll learn what your favorite is. Next time you step foot in a coffee shop you'll be armed with a little more knowledge to impress your barista.

3. They're Beautiful

Most people that choose to have an espresso machine at home will make it a bit of a centerpiece and it's for good reason. Many home espresso machines are drop-dead gorgeous and will be the talking point of any social gathering. This does, however, depend on the amount of money you spend and if you're looking for something serious to invest in you could be parting ways with thousands of dollars, these machines not only look the part they also perform better. If you're looking at spending a little less then you compromise the looks and some of the quality, but it will still do a decent job. Reading real-world reviews from other home baristas is a brilliant source for consumers when choosing what's going to be the best choice for them. Having the inside knowledge before parting with a considerable amount of money is most certainly the best way to go.

4. You're In Control

If you choose to fully submerge yourself in the world of coffee, then you'll soon find out that the more control you have over your coffee during the brewing stage the better. This is because you can tweak, twist, change, and correct anything that's happening during the process, ultimately leading to a much better cup of coffee. You're better off being in control than letting an automated machine make what can only be described as an attempt at a milky coffee.

5. It's Sustainable

Big coffee drinkers will get through a fair amount per week when it comes to coffee bought from a supermarket and if you think about it, that's a fair amount of packaging. This is even worse when you think about the number of pods that are being used in the new coffee pod revolution. The majority of roasteries will use environmentally friendly packaging and you even have the choice of buying in larger quantities to reduce waste.

6. Save Money

Yes, to begin with, you will be looking at a fairly hefty outlay for the machine itself, but when you put it into perspective you'll end up saving money in the long run. If you go to work every day and spend $3 on a coffee 5 days a week, taking into account the amount of holiday you will get, you're looking at spending at least $650 a year on coffee alone. And that's only 1 a day! You'll be saving money before you know it.

7. Save Time

If you're leaving for work early in the morning just to get your coffee fix, you might not get as much time as you'd like with your partner or family. You might get to work a little late most days because the coffee shop you like is so popular it takes a while for your non-fat cappuccino to come out. Having a coffee machine at home will save you so much time, as soon as you know how to use it.

Investing in an espresso machine for your home is a brilliant move, especially if you're a coffee addict. The benefits that end up being important are surprising, like saving money and giving your morning more routine. But none of that matters to a seasoned coffee drinker, the ability to create your masterpiece at home is a feeling like no other. So if you're even considering buying one, I say you should do it, you will not regret it.


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