A lot of people really aren't aware of how big of a germ carriers shoes can be, which often leads to overlooking the fact that shoes need to be cleaned often - very often, especially if you wear them in your home. While this is the most obvious reason to do so, there are a lot more of them, which we are going to cover in this article.

It actually saves you time

This applies mostly to people that wear shoes in their homes, even if it's not in the entire home. The thing is, if you are going to wear shoes in your home, and you don't clean them every day - you are just going to end up either with a dirty floor (whether it can be seen or not, trust us - it's dirty) or you are going to need to clean it way more than you would have if the shoes were clean in the first place. So, why clean the whole home instead of just cleaning your shoes after you get in?

Reducing pathogens in your home

This is probably one of the most important reasons for you to keep your shoes clean, so, let's talk about it in more detail. Just think about where you walk every day: streets, subway, parks, and similar - the thing is, there are so many different pathogens just lying around waiting for the creases in your shoes to pick them up via soil, a liquid, or pretty much anything that you can imagine. Introducing these pathogens into your home is not only dangerous but just downright unnecessary and easily preventable.

How can you prevent this?

You may or may not know this, but pathogens can't be destroyed that easily, and if you just use water or a rug, the probability is high that you are just going to relocate them. So, how can you deal with this? Well, technology has come to the place that gives us some pretty impressive ways to do so. Ultraviolet light, for instance, is an extremely efficient pathogen destroyer, and the experts over at HealthySole.com explain in detail how you can utilize it in order to clean your shoes thoroughly and very easily. So, considering how easy it is to neutralize this issue, there is no reason for you to overlook it!

Shoes pick up toxins as well

Now this one is pretty similar to the last one, the only difference being in the chemical structure of the substance, as well as effects that it can have on those that come into contact with these toxins. If you have kids or pets, it is highly recommended to clean your shoes because of the toxic chemicals that your shoes introduce into your home.

Maintenance means longevity!

Now something a bit more different - let's talk about what effect maintenance has on the shoes in question. The longer you wait between cleaning them, the harder it's going to be to do so. So, better start early and be regular than ending up having to buy a new pair because they are ruined!

Beware of fungus

Cleaning applies to the inside of your shoes as well! Considering how long you wear the shoes during an average day, and the fact that, well, our feet tend to sweat, and the temperature inside those shoes is a bit more than your body temperature - the result is a breeding ground for any type of pathogens. That being said, be sure to clean the inside of your shoes. You don't want an infection just because you forgot to clean your shoes, it will take a lot more to get rid of it than to just maintain the shoes properly in the first place.

Clean shoes add up to a clean look

A nice outfit can't lack a pair of propper, clean shoes. It pretty much doesn't matter how stylish an outfit you are wearing, if you are wearing it with dirty shoes, it will momentarily destroy the concept of your entire outfit. The thing is, it really doesn't cost a lot of money nor time to clean a pair of shoes, and it adds so much in regard to a polished outfit, so, be sure to do so.

There is no reason not to

In the end, let's just be real - why shouldn't you clean your shoes? I mean, all of us clean our shirts, socks, and other clothes pretty regularly, so why shouldn't shoes deserve the same amount of care? After all, it really isn't all that hard to do so.

To wrap things up

We have talked about a lot of different aspects regarding why it is important to clean your shoes, and, to sum it up, the most important ones are health-based. And why would you ever compromise your health, especially if it's so easy to evade that scenario? Even though cleaning shoes can be easy to overlook, it truly is important - as all of the reasons above demonstrate. It isn't that big of a chore, so, a little really goes a long way!


Daria Brown