Sometimes you know you need a vacation, but it just seems like too much effort to put one together. Perhaps you're strapped for time, or maybe you only have limited vacation days to use. Though it can be tempting to throw in the towel, consider that vacations have many health benefits. Your vacation does not have to be long in order to reap the mental and physical health benefits including increased productivity when you return. Here are seven quick vacations you can plan today:

1. The Caribbean

If you would love to relax in a beautiful and scenic location without the hassle of planning every detail, consider that taking 5 day cruises to the Caribbean or Mexico are one of the most enjoyable and easiest vacations to plan. There are many options for great destinations, and you can choose a convenient departure port. By going on a cruise, you'll enjoy great service, breathtaking scenery, delicious food, and a relaxing environment without having to take weeks away from work.

2. Chicago, Illinois

If you only have a weekend or a few days, a short plane ride to the Windy City is a great option. There are often great flight deals to this centrally located, family-friendly city. You can enjoy amazing restaurants and try the legendary local cuisine like deep dish pizza or Chicago-style hot dogs. There's something for you no matter what activities you enjoy. Choose from incredible zoos to art galleries to epic architectural attractions. While you're there, don't forget sports; Chicago is one of only ten United States cities with teams in all five professional sports. 

3. Nashville, Tennessee

Another centrally located option with a warmer climate is Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is a great place to visit any time of year, and you can be sure to hear some live country music and enjoy delicious Southern food while you're there. There are many unique sites to see including the famous Grand Ole Opry.

4. San Antonio, Texas

If you love warm weather, another destination to keep in mind is San Antonio. Known for its rich history, San Antonio was home to several battles during the Texas Revolution. History buffs can easily spend days taking in the historic museums, churches, missions, parks, and mansions. If history isn't your thing, you'll enjoy all the other features San Antonio has to offer, including amazing Mexican cuisine, shopping on the Riverwalk, or enjoying rides at the area theme parks.

5. Montreal, Canada

If you're looking for some European flair without having to travel across the ocean, consider that Montreal is one of the places to visit in North America that feels most like Europe. With its beautiful architecture, cobblestone streets, incredible nightlife, amazing food, and French influence, you'll feel like you stepped into another world. Best of all, it's easy to access, so you can start planning now for a fun trip, regardless of how many vacation days you have saved up.

6. Washington, DC

There's never a bad time to visit the capital of the United States. With its endless museums, incredible food, and beautiful scenery, you won't be bored at any moment when you visit Washington, DC. DC has multiple area airports, making travel a breeze. If city life is not your thing, you can choose from several side trips that are easily accessed from this city, including visiting beautiful small towns around the Chesapeake Bay or the Virginia countryside. 

7. National Parks

If you're looking for outdoor adventure, look no further than the incredible United States National Parks. You can choose a national park convenient to you, and based on your specific interests, whether hiking, kayaking, camping, or horseback riding. There's no better way to relax and unwind than in the great outdoors!
Planning your next vacation doesn't have to be difficult, and soon you will be well on your way to making a relaxing, rejuvenating, and memorable trip!


Clara Rose