Are you a Sigma female?
Well, the terms sigma and alpha have become sort of internet catchphrases lately. Everyone everywhere is giving their own hot takes on what they believe these to mean. 
Recently, I jumped on this too, publishing a post on 11 Traits of Sigma Female (2022), putting this in perspective with other personality classes. It’s incredible to see how much people are interested in these things. 
But then, what exactly defines a sigma female? 
What unique characteristics must one manifest or cultivate as a sigma female? In this post, I’ll highlight seven (7) of such traits so you can understand how to become a better version of yourself and ‘do your own thing’ the sigma way.

Sigma females are independent

Sigma females have this knack for self-sufficiency.
These women are always striving to be independent, so their life and fate do not depend on anyone. This is why they are super passionate about their craft, and you’ll most likely see them turn out as entrepreneurs and dedicated professionals. And even though they are not that consumed by the idea of leading, sigma females often turn out to be better leaders because they not only care and respect others but also inspire loyalty within their circle. 

They are most often introverted

While sigma females and alpha females are a lot like each other, one of their most distinctive differences has to do with how they communicate with others. Alphas are mostly extroverts while sigma females are introverted, most of the time.
The sigma female is not a poor communicator.
But she only says what needs to be said and prefers to keep her own company rather than trying to fit within a crowd. 
Sigma females hardly worry about their social standing. 
They only keep a small circle of close friends and acquaintances to whom they can be very loyal. Because of this trait, they might often be perceived by others as cold or mysterious, among other things. 

Might come across as intimidating

The sigma female does not demand attention, she commands it. 
She’s a very charismatic and attractive individual and it usually happens that others might find her strong character and rejection of conventional norms a little too challenging to handle. 
Her actions and beliefs often stir people up because some of these actions might question or go against society's unwritten rules. This rebellious spirit can often seem intimidating to some people around them. 

Sigma females are mentally resilient

The sigma female not only knows what she wants out of life and its different situations, but she also possesses the mental strength, willpower, and resilience she needs to see things through. 
In other words, the sigma female is a go-getter who would stop at nothing to achieve her most important goals. 

They are attractive and charismatic 

While she might often keep to herself most of the time, the sigma female can be quite fun to be around. Her charisma in social circles is top-notch and this easily makes her attractive to other people. This helps her fit easily into different social situations even if she’d rather be alone sometimes. 

Sigma females are committed to continuous self-improvement

Sigma females are always striving to become better.
They understand that continuous self-improvement is critical to achieving their short and long-term goals, so they don’t shy away from it. Because of this, they are more open to being around like-minded people who are similarly driven and ambitious. 

They are not afraid to do their ‘own’ thing

This underlies all the other traits and characteristics of sigma females.
The sigma female is not afraid to follow her own path. 
Rather than conform to society’s archaic norms and values, she’d go a different way. She’s not one to bend over backward for anyone or anything.
Unlike alpha females, the sigma female is not consumed with the idea of being at the top of the social hierarchy. Also, she’s not one to seek validation from others to be truly happy. She is content, confident, and comfortable in her own skin. 
If you are a sigma female, we are proud of you!
You should be proud of yourself too because you’re blazing the trail for a generation of other young women to also follow their own path for self-independence without being constrained by their circumstances and societal constructs. 
Following your heart and not letting the world box you into a corner is one of the few paths that lead to true happiness and fulfillment. It’s what a sigma does!
While there are no strict definitions of what a sigma female can be or cannot be, these traits we’ve highlighted above rank high among the most powerful traits that make women in the sigma personality class unique from all others. 


Bijan Kholghi