When you experience an unpleasant incident such as a car accident, work accident, or slip and fall incident, you have the right to be compensated for any damages you have suffered as long as you are not at fault. However, compensation claims can be a bit tricky, and you must be alert at all times to increase your chance of winning a claim. You must be quick to react, know your rights, and avoid any mistakes so the other party won’t take advantage of you. Here are 7 pieces of advice that will increase your chances of winning your next compensation claim.

Report the Incident Immediately

Sometimes, we get disoriented after an accident or after sustaining an injury. No matter where this incident took place, you must report it immediately. If it is a car accident, call the police to get a police report that will be beneficial later during the claim process. If it is at work, inform your employer or the HR department and fill in an injury form. Any incident can be reported, and if you don't know who to report to, call your lawyer immediately and ask them what to do.

Document Everything

Gathering evidence that can support your claim is essential to increase your chance of winning it. No matter how insignificant you think the evidence is, you should document it. According to the attorneys at www.attwoodmarshall.com.au, documenting every expense will let you know how much you deserve as compensation. Some expenses you might not count include trips to and from the doctor, lost wages, hired help around the house, or modifications made to your vehicle or house because of the injuries. Any correspondence between you and the other party or parties related to the incident must also be documented as well as contacts of relevant people such as witnesses and doctors.

Seek Medical Attention 

Suppose you have been injured in an accident, whether at work or anywhere, you must seek medical attention immediately. This step can be taken before the first one if your injuries are severe. Seeking medical attention is essential for two reasons. The first one is to prove the injuries you have sustained from that particular incident and tend to them before they get worse. The second one is that sometimes there are hidden injuries that don’t surface until after a long time, but they can be detected early if you let medical professionals take a look at you. Any medical expenses you had to pay must be documented for your compensation claim.

Don’t Accept the First Offer

Insurance companies or other parties will want to settle the claim as soon as possible. However, the first offer for settlement might not be what you actually deserve. Even if you found the sum of money appealing, consult with your lawyer to know if it is good or not. If the offer is reasonable, you can still negotiate.

Stay Off Social Media

Posting on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can lower your chances of winning your compensation claim. If you have posted a picture smiling, for instance, the opposing party can use it against you. Don’t post updates on your claim or show that you are living comfortably. It is better to stay off social media till the claim is resolved.

Hire a Lawyer

This should be a no-brainer, but some people go through the compensation claim all by themselves. While you can do it by yourself, having an experienced attorney by your side will definitely increase your chances of winning the claim. You should hire a lawyer who has vast experience in cases similar to yours as they will guide you through the whole process while you enjoy more time with your family and friends.

Limit Your Interactions

Every conversation you have from the moment the incident happens till you win your compensation claim counts. A simple “I’m sorry” can hurt your chances as the other party can provide it as evidence of admitting guilt. Insurance adjusters will try to talk to you after an accident; you better have your lawyer with you if that happened to prevent you from saying the wrong thing. If you are not sure whether to talk to someone, call your lawyer for advice as they will have the experience to guide you.
Following these pieces of advice will definitely increase your chances of winning your compensation claim. You need to gather all the evidence you can find and never talk to anyone without having your lawyer beside you. It will be unfair to lose the claim or get compensation less than you deserve because of avoidable mistakes. 


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